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Relationships for Matilda Cummings Gwathmey

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Owen Gwathmey19 JUN 1775VA, King and Queen CoMary Garlick Hill
Robert Gwathmey10 SEP 1778VA, King and Queen CoMargaret T. Nicholson
Temple Gwathmey1 MAY 1783VA, Richmond CityAnn Maria "Nancy" Watts
George Gwathmey24 FEB 1785VA, King and Queen CoAnne Maria Irvine
Humphrey Brooke Gwathmey29 MAR 1794VA, King and Queen CoFrances Fielding Lewis
Betty Washington Lewis14 OCT 1796VA, Richmond CityJoseph Lovell
Robert Pollard Lewis13 OCT 1798VA, Richmond City
George Richard Lewis25 JUL 1800VA, Richmond CityEliza Bayless
Ellen Jael Lewis28 JAN 1802VA, Richmond CityRobert McAmey Steele
Frances Fielding Lewis11 FEB 1805VA, Culpeper CoHumphrey Brooke Gwathmey
Virginia Lewis30 SEP 1806VA, Richmond CityRobert Ammon Hereford
Howell Lewis Jr.10 JUL 1808VA, Richmond CityEmily Grace Burch
Mary Ball Lewis2 JAN 1810VA, Richmond City
John Edward Lewis5 NOV 1811VA, Richmond CityMary Maxwell Drinan
Lawrence Lewis15 DEC 1813WV, Kanawha CoMary Emiline Reynolds
Henry Daingerfield Lewis14 JAN 1815WV, Kanawha Co