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Relationships for Margaret Dulaney

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Joseph Dulaney25 Mar 1682Ireland, Kilkenny CoMary Lewis
William Dulaney1684Ireland, Laois Co? ___
Daniel Dulany Sr.1685Ireland, Laois CoHenrietta Maria Lloyd, Sarah ___, Charity Courts, Rebecca Smith
Thomas Delany1689MD, Baltimore City
Lucy Smith1690MD, Calvert CoThomas Brooke
Richard Smith1690MD, Calvert CoEleanor Addison
Walter Smith Jr.1692MD, Calvert CoSusannah Brooke
Ann Smith1694MD, Calvert Co
Eleanor Smithabt 1694MD, Calvert CoThomas Addison
Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith1696MD, Calvert CoDaniel Dulany Sr.
Elizabeth Smith1698MD, Calvert Co
Mary Smith1700MD, Charles CoCharles Neale, Clement Brooke Jr.