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Relationships for John Michael Conn

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Leander Boots Duane Conn Jr.Leander "Boots" Duane Conn Jr.1 MAY 1935PA, Allegheny CoSally Ann George
Gilbert "Gibby" Franklin Connabt 1937PA, Allegheny CoBetty Snyder
Margaret Ann Connabt 1937PA, Allegheny CoLouis "Louiy" Argenta
William Bill Dale ConnWilliam "Bill" Dale Conn20 JUN 1940PA, Allegheny CoJanet "Penny" L. ___
John "Lefty" Charles Conn3 JAN 1942PA, Allegheny Co
Josephine "Putz" Ann Connabt 1945PA, Allegheny CoRobert "Bob" Kirby
Wanda "Deedee" Lee Conn30 NOV 1950PA, Allegheny CoAlan Sheers
Sally Ann GeorgeSally Ann George1 JAN 1940PA, Allegheny CoLeander "Boots" Duane Conn Jr.