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Relationships for Isaiah Blair

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Elizabeth Blair1800VA, Russell Co
Margaret Lydia Blair1808VA, Dickenson Co
Jacob Blair1810VA, Dickenson CoJane McClanahan
Benjamin Blair1812VA, Russell Co
Nancy Blair1814VA, Dickenson Co
William "Billy" Blair1814VA, Russell CoFrances Elizabeth Compton
Sarah Jane Blair12 AUG 1814VA, Russell CoJames Harvey Ball
John Allen Compton29 JAN 1813VA, Tazewell CoSarah Salena Johnson
Frances Elizabeth Compton1815VA, Tazewell CoWilliam "Billy" Blair
Sarah Compton1815VA, Tazewell Co
Nancy Compton1816VA, Tazewell Co
Elizabeth Betsy Compton1820VA, Tazewell Co
Benjamin Wallace Compton18 AUG 1821VA, Tazewell CoMargaret Ann Cecil
William Fuller Compton5 NOV 1827VA, Russell Co
William Witten Compton5 NOV 1827VA, Tazewell Co