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Relationships for Frances Taylor

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Frances Taylor8/30/1700VA, King and Queen CoAmbrose Madison
Martha Taylor27 JAN 1701VA, King and Queen CoThomas Chew
James Taylor IIIJames Taylor III20 MAR 1703VA, King and Queen Co___ Gregory, Elizabeth Lewis McGrath, Alice Thornton
Zachary Taylor4/17/1707VA, King and Queen CoElizabeth Lee
Col. George TaylorCol. George Taylor02/11/1711VA, King and Queen CoSarah Taliaferro, Rachel Gibson
Tabitha Taylor2 MAR 1713VA, King and Queen Co
Erasmus TaylorErasmus Taylor5 SEP 1715VA, King and Queen CoJane Moore
Hannah Taylor03/15/1717VA, King and Queen CoNicholas Battaile
Mildred Taylor11 DEC 1724VA, King and Queen CoRichard Thomas Jr.
Jane MooreJane Moore22 DEC 1728VAErasmus Taylor