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Relationships for Humbert III Count of Savoy

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Adelaide of Savoy1092France, Rhone-AlpesLouis VI, King of France
Amadeo III Count of SavoyAmadeo III Count of Savoy1092France, Rhone-AlpesMaud Countess of Alban
Agnes de Maurienneabt 1099France, Rhone-AlpesArchambaud VI de Bourbon
Gersende d' Albonabt 1093France, Cote d`AzurGuillaume Count of Forcalquier
Guigues IV Dauphine D' Albonabt 1095France, Rhone-AlpesMarguerite Clemence de Macon
Maud Countess of Albanabt 1107France, Rhone-AlpesAmadeo III Count of Savoy