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Relationships for Alfonso VIII King of Castile

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Sancho III Alfonsez King of CastileSancho III Alfonsez King of Castile1134Spain, CastilleBlanche Garcia of Navarre
Ferdinand II King of LeonFerdinand II King of Leon1137Spain, CastilleUrraca of Portugal
Sanchia Princess of Castille1138Spain, CastilleSancho V (VI) Garcia Navarre
Constance of CastileConstance of Castileabt 1140Spain, CastilleLouis VII, King of France
Margaret of Navarre1128Spain, NavarreWilliam I of Sicily
Sancho V (Vi) Garcia NavarreSancho V (Vi) Garcia Navarre1130Spain, NavarreSanchia Princess of Castille
Blanche Garcia of Navarre1133Spain, NavarreSancho III Alfonsez King of Castile