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Relationships for Amadeus V Count of Savoy

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Agatha of Savoy
Alasia of Savoy
Amadeo IV de SavoyAmadeo IV de Savoyabt 1197France, Rhone-AlpesCecile of Baux, Anne (Marguerite) of Burgundy
Thomas II of SavoyThomas II of Savoyabt 1199France, Rhone-AlpesJeanne Countess of Flanders, Beatrice Fieschi
Beatrix of Savoy1201France, Rhone-AlpesRaymond V Berenger
Margherita of Savoyabt 1202France, Rhone-AlpesHartmann I of Kyburg
Peter Ii, Count of SavoyPeter Ii, Count of Savoy1203France, Rhone-AlpesAgnes of Faucigny
William of Savoy1204Italy
Philip I, Count of SavoyPhilip I, Count of Savoyabt 1207France, Rhone-Alpes
Avita of Savoyabt 1210France, Rhone-AlpesBaldwin de Redvers
Boniface of SavoyBoniface of Savoyabt 1217France, Rhone-Alpes
Niccolo di Fieschi
Beatrice Fieschiabt 1220Italy, LiguriaThomas II of Savoy
Adrian V Ottobono Di FieschiAdrian V Ottobono Di Fieschiabt 1225Italy, Liguria
Federigo di Fiescoabt 1233Italy, Liguria