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Relationships for Louis-Antoine Duke of Angouleme

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Louis XVI of FranceLouis XVI of France23 AUG 1754France, Ile-de-FranceMaria Antoinette of Austria
Louis XVIII of FranceLouis XVIII of France17 NOV 1755France, Ile-de-FranceMarie Guiseppina Louise Di Savoie
Charles X of FranceCharles X of France9 OCT 1757France, Ile-de-FranceMarie Thrse of Savoy
Clotilde de FranceClotilde de France23 SEP 1759France, Ile-de-FranceCharles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia
Elisabeth de France3 MAY 1764France, Ile-de-France
Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia24 MAY 1751Italy, PiamonteClotilde de France
Marie Guiseppina Louise Di Savoie2 SEP 1753Italy, PiamonteLouis XVIII of France
Marie Thrse of Savoy31 JAN 1756Italy, PiamonteCharles X of France
Vittorio Emanuele I de Savoy24 JUL 1759Italy, PiamonteMaria Theresia of Austria-este
Marie Caroline Antoniette of Savoy17 JAN 1764Italy, PiamonteAnton I of Saxony
Carlo Felice I of Savoy6 APR 1765Italy, PiamonteMaria Christina of The Two Sicilies