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Relationships for Saint Isabel of France

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Louis VIII, King of FranceLouis VIII, King of France5 SEP 1187France, Ile-de-FranceBlanche Princess of Castile
Berengaria Queen of CastileBerengaria Queen of Castile1180/1181Spain, CastilleAlfonso IX King of Leon
Urraca Princess of Castilleabt 1185Spain, La ManchaAfonso II 'The Fat' King of Portugal
Blanche Princess of CastileBlanche Princess of Castile3/1188Spain, ValenciaLouis VIII, King of France
Eleanor of Castile1195Spain, CastilleJaime I "The Conqueror" Pedrez King of Aragon
Henry I of CastileHenry I of Castile14 APR 1204Spain, CastilleMafalda of Portugal