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Relationships for Francis II, Duke of Lorraine

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Charles III, Duke of LorraineCharles III, Duke of Lorraine18 FEB 1542France, LorraineClaude of Valois
Dorothea of Lorraine24 AUG 1542FranceErich II Duke of Brunswick
Renata of Lorraine20 APR 1544France, LorraineWilliam V, Duke of Bavaria
Francis II of FranceFrancis II of France16 JAN 1544France, Ile-de-FranceMary I of Scotland
Elizabeth of Valois2 APR 1544France, Ile-de-FrancePhilip II of Spain
Claude of ValoisClaude of Valois12 NOV 1547France, Ile-de-FranceCharles III, Duke of Lorraine
Charles IX of FranceCharles IX of France27 JUN 1550France, Ile-de-FranceElisabeth of Austria
Henry III of FranceHenry III of France19 SEP 1551France, Ile-de-FranceLouise de Lorraine-vaudémont
Marguerite de ValoisMarguerite de Valois14 MAY 1553France, Ile-de-FranceHenry IV of France