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Relationships for Margaret Yolande of Savoy

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Philip of Savoy1586
Victor Amadeus of Savoy IVictor Amadeus of Savoy I8 MAY 1587Italy, PiamonteChristine Marie of France
Henry of Savoy1588
Margaret Vicereine of PortugalMargaret Vicereine of Portugal28 APR 1589Italy, PiamonteFrancesco IV Gonzaga
Isabella Duchess of Modena11 MAR 1591Italy, PiamonteAlfonso III d' Este
Nicholas of Savoy1593
Maurice of Savoy10 JAN 1593Italy, PiamonteLouise Christine
Marie of Savoy1594Italy, Piamonte
Elizabeth of Savoy1595
Thomas Francis Prince of Carignan21 DEC 1596Italy, PiamonteMarie de Bourbon
Louis XIII of FranceLouis XIII of France27 SEP 1601France, Ile-de-FranceAnna Maria of Austria
Princess Elisabeth Isabel de Bourbon de France22 NOV 1602France, Ile-de-FrancePhilip IV of Spain
Christine Marie of FranceChristine Marie of FranceFEB 1605France, Ile-de-FranceVictor Amadeus of Savoy I
Gaston Duke of OrleansGaston Duke of Orleans25 APR 1608France, Ile-de-FranceMarguerite de Lorraine
Henrietta Maria of FranceHenrietta Maria of France26 NOV 1609France, Ile-de-FranceCharles I of England