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Relationships for Ferdinand VII of Spain

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Maria Louisa of SpainMaria Louisa of SpainNOV 1745Italy, CampaniaLeopold II Holy Roman Emperor
Charles IV of SpainCharles IV of Spain11 NOV 1748Spain, MadridMaria Luisa of Parma Queen of Spain
Ferdinand IV of Naples And The Two SiciliesFerdinand IV of Naples And The Two Sicilies18 JAN 1751Italy, CampaniaMaria Carolina of Austria
Infante Gabriel of Spain1752Italy, CampaniaMariana Victoria of Portugal
Infanta Isabel of Spain31 DEC 1741Spain, MadridJoseph II Holy Roman Emperor
Ferdinand Duke of Parma20 JAN 1751Italy, EmiliaMaria Amalia of Austria
Maria Luisa of Parma Queen of SpainMaria Luisa of Parma Queen of Spain7 DEC 1751Italy, EmiliaCharles IV of Spain