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Relationships for Charles II of Spain

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Anna Maria of AustriaAnna Maria of Austria22 SEP 1601Spain, CastilleLouis XIII of France
Philip IV of SpainPhilip IV of Spain8 APR 1605Spain, CastilleMariana of Austria, Maria Ines Calderon, Elisabeth Isabel de Bourbon de France
Maria Anna of SpainMaria Anna of Spain18 AUG 1606Spain, MadridFerdinand III Holy Roman Emperor
Carlos Von Habsburg1607Spain, Madrid
Fernando Von Habsburg1609Spain
Ferdinand IV of HungaryFerdinand IV of Hungary1633Austria, Wien
Mariana of Austria24 DEC 1634Austria, WienPhilip IV of Spain
Leopold I Holy Roman EmperorLeopold I Holy Roman Emperor9 JUN 1640Austria, WienEleonor Magdalene of The Palatinate, Margaret Theresa of Spain