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Relationships for Anna Maria of Austria

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Philip III of SpainPhilip III of Spain14 APR 1578Spain, MadridMargaret of Austria
Anne of AustriaAnne of Austria16 AUG 1573Austria, SteiermarkSigismund III of Poland
Ferdinand II Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand II Holy Roman Emperor9 JUL 1578Austria, SteiermarkMaria Anna of Bavaria
Margaret of AustriaMargaret of Austria25 DEC 1584Austria, SteiermarkPhilip III of Spain
Leopold V, Archduke of Austria9 OCT 1586Austria, SteiermarkClaudia de Medici
Maria Magdalena of AustriaMaria Magdalena of Austria7 OCT 1589Austria, SteiermarkCosimo II de Medici