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Relationships for Frederick Duke of Bohemia

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Vladislav II King of Bohemiaabt 1117Czech Republic, PragueJutte Princess of Thuringia, Gertrude of Austria
Depolt I Prince of Bohemiaabt 1122Czech Republic, PragueGertrude Princess of Saxony
Agnes of Babenburgabt 1111Austria, WienVladislav II King of Poland
Heinrich II Duke of AustriaHeinrich II Duke of Austriaabt 1112Austria, WienTheodora Komnene
Judith of Babenburgabt 1115Austria, NiederösterreichWilliam III of Montferrat
Gertrude of Austria23 FEB 1118Austria, NiederösterreichVladislav II King of Bohemia