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Relationships for Eleanor Princess of Naples

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Blanche of Sicily1250Italy, CampaniaRobert III Count of Flanders
Beatrice of Sicilyabt 1252Italy, SicilyPhilip of Courtenay
Carlo II King of NaplesCarlo II King of Naples1254Italy, CampaniaMaria Princess of Hungary
Philip of Sicily1256Italy, SicilyIsabella of Villehardouin Princess of Achaea
Robert of Naples1258Italy, Sicily
Elizabeth of Sicily1261Italy, CampaniaLadislas IV of Hungary
Catherine of Hungary1257HungaryStefan Dragutin of Serbia
Maria Princess of HungaryMaria Princess of Hungary1258HungaryCarlo II King of Naples
Anna of Hungary1260HungaryEmperor Andronikos II Palaiologos
Elisabeth of Hungary1261HungaryZavis of Falkenstein, Stefan UroŇ° II Milutin of Serbia
Ladislas IV of Hungaryabt 1262HungaryElizabeth of Sicily
Duke Andrew of Slavonia1268Hungary