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Relationships for Geoffrey Duke of Brittany Plantagenet

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Agnes Plantagenet1130
Henry II King of EnglandHenry II King of England5 MAR 1133France, LoireEleanor of Aquitaine, Rosamond de Clifford
Geoffrey Vi, Count of Anjou1134France, Normandy
William X Count of Poitiers Plantagenet FitzEmpress Longespee7/22/1136France, NormandyCecily FitzPayn
Eleanor of AquitaineEleanor of Aquitaine1122France, AquitaineLouis Vii, King of France, Henry II King of England
Aelis of Aquitaine1125France, AquitaineRaoul I De Vermandois
Adelaide d' Aquitaineabt 1131France, AquitaineRalph de Faye