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Relationships for Robert Malet Sire de Granville

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Matilda of Normandyabt 0960
Richard II Duke of Normandy0962France, NormandyJudith of Brittany, Papia of Normandy
Hawise of Normandy0964France, NormandyGeoffrey I Duke of Brittany
Robert de NormandieRobert de Normandieabt 0965France, NormandyHavlive de Rouen
Emma Queen of England0968France, NormandyAethelred II the Unready, King England, Canute King of Denmark and England
Beatrice de Normandyaft 0968France, NormandyEbles I de Turenne
Mauger Count de Corbeil0974France, Normandy? de Coeur-en-Auge, Germaine Countess de Corbeil
Geoffrey I Duke of Brittany0980France, BrittanyHawise of Normandy
Judith of Brittanyabt 0982France, BrittanyRichard II Duke of Normandy
Judhael de Porhoetabt 0982