Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
B. T., Jr. Crouch1852MemphisPacific
Joseph J. Crow1885North AlabamaNorthwest Texas
W. M. Crow1873KentuckyWest Texas
J. R. Crowder1880North TexasFlorida
J. R. Crowder1884North GeorgiaFlorida
J. M. Crowe1892DenverSt Louis
C. A. Crowell1850South CarolinaGeorgia
W. M. Crowson1890North TexasLittle Rock
William M. Crowson1883Little RockNorth Texas
G. W. Crumbaugh1865KentuckyLouisville
George W. Crumbaugh1857LouisvilleKentucky
A. B. Crumpler1888North CarolinaSt Louis
D. H. Crumpler1889TexasSouth Georgia
P. H. Crumpler1888South GeorgiaTexas
I. N. Crutchfield1888North TexasDenver
M. H. Cullum1873MemphisNorth Texas
G. B. Culpepper1889South GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
George B. Culpepper1890Northwest TexasSouth Georgia
F. P. Culver1889AlabamaNorth Alabama
Andrew Cumming1843IllinoisArkansas
H. T. Cunningham1888North MississippiWest Texas
J. W. Cunningham1868LouisvilleKentucky
John W. Cunningham1846KentuckyLouisville
John W. Cunningham1853LouisvilleKentucky
N. P. Cunningham1843Rock RiverIllinois
Nathaniel P. Cunningham1842IllinoisRock River
Hugh W. Currin1872MissouriWestern
Daniel Curry1845GeorgiaNew York
J. T. Curry1873North AlabamaAlabama
J. T. Curry1876AlabamaNorth Alabama
J. T. Curtis1863MississippiGeorgia
Thomas R. Curtis1877TexasLos Angeles
J. T. Curtiss1871MississippiWestern
Julius T. Curtiss1869North GeorgiaMississippi
S. A. Cushing1844New HampshireNew England
R. R. Dagnall1870North CarolinaSouth Carolina
T. J. Daily1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
H. C. Dameron1880IllinoisHolston
J. P. Dancer1880North MississippiMississippi
George Danker1844PittsburghOhio
George Danker1844OhioMissouri
B. W. Daugherty1870BaltimoreVirginia
B. W. Daugherty1879BaltimoreVirginia
Joel T. Daves1886East TexasLouisiana
Joel T. Daves1890LouisianaNorth Georgia
Solomon W. Daves1852South CarolinaPacific
A. Davidson1845MemphisMississippi
Arthur C. Davidson1871North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Asbury Davidson1851MississippiTexas
John H. Davidson1853MississippiTexas
M. A. Davidson1866West VirginiaHolston
W. Davies1855GeorgiaFlorida
A. M. Davis1856GeorgiaFlorida
B. O. Davis1871Little RockHolston
C. Davis1889South GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
C. D. Davis1874Southwest MissouriMemphis
David H. Davis1847KentuckyNorth Carolina
E. H. Davis1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
J. B. Davis1879HolstonColumbia
J. F. Davis1891North GeorgiaPacific
J. W. Davis1891TexasLouisiana
J. White Davis1887LouisianaEast Texas
John J. Davis1870North GeorgiaLittle Rock
John S. Davis1859North CarolinaTennessee
John S. Davis1870TennesseeNorthwest Texas
L. H. Davis1875BaltimoreIllinois
L. H. Davis1877IllinoisSouthwest Missouri
Robert A. Davis1868LouisianaMississippi
Robert A. Davis1870MississippiLouisiana
Ruffin T. Davis1884MississippiWhite River
W. G. Davis1866TennesseeEast Texas
W. G. Davis1868TennesseeIllinois
W. G. Davis1870IllinoisNorth Texas
W. J. Davis1867MontgomeryLittle Rock
W. R. Davis1862WachitaTexas
William R. Davis1858LouisianaWachita
Willis G. Davis1871North TexasIndian Mission
E. J. Dawne1872ArkansasColumbia
G. H. Day1881North MississippiNorthwest Texas
Thomas H. Deavenport1870TennesseeNorth Alabama
J. R. Deering1865GeorgiaKentucky
Richard Deering1846KentuckyLouisiana
Richard Deering1851LouisianaKentucky
Richard Deering1872St LouisKentucky
R. J. Deets1885South CarolinaWest Texas
H. V. Degen1845MaineNew England
R. E. delValle1890Central Mexican Mission Northwest Mexican Mission
T. delValle1890Central Mexican Mission Mexican Border Mission
J. M. Dempsey1883LouisvilleSouthwest Missouri
J. M. Dempsey1888White RiverMissouri
W. K. Dempsey1888LouisvilleIllinois
W. K. Dempsey1889IllinoisLouisville
W. K. Dempsey1890LouisvilleIllinois
John Dempster1842Black RiverNew York
John Dempster1845New YorkNew Hampshire
Levi R. Dennis1854TennesseeEast Texas
Levin B. Dennis1842IllinoisArkansas
Levin B. Dennis1844ArkansasIowa
E. T. Denson1890MississippiLouisiana
E. K. Denton1889TennesseeWest Texas