Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
D. L. Cogdell1879Los AngelesNorth Mississippi
L. D. Coggin1888West TexasNorth Georgia
Richard F. Colburn1845MissouriTennessee
Richard F. Colburn1846TennesseeSt Louis
Richard F. Colburn1847St LouisMemphis
A. J. Coleman1870MississippiAlabama
A. J. Coleman1874AlabamaMississippi
A. J. Coleman1877MississippiAlabama
E. W. Coleman1867Little RockArkansas
J. H. Colins1885PacificMemphis
J. H., Jr. Collard1882TexasNorthwest Texas
D. L. Collie1874LouisvilleDenver
Daniel L. Collie1877DenverLouisville
D. L. Collier1876DenverLouisville
J. S. Collins1881MemphisTennessee
W. C. Collins1873East TexasNorthwest Texas
W. C. Collins1875Northwest TexasFlorida
N. E. Coltrane1877North CarolinaPacific
D. H. Coman1888HolstonColumbia
D. H. Comann1889ColumbiaHolston
William H. Comer1876MissouriWestern
J. P. Commander1871MississippiNorth Mississippi
James W. Compton1875BaltimoreColumbia
Ro. A. Compton1873VirginiaTexas
W. E. Compton1873East TexasNorthwest Texas
Paul F. Connally1877North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Elijah Conner1858HolstonSt Louis
George J. Conner1860LouisianaVirginia
Nelson Conner1851FloridaSouth Carolina
William O. Conner1842OhioTexas
W. G. Connor1868South CarolinaTexas
W. G. Connor1872TexasNorthwest Texas
W. G. Connor1879Northwest TexasNorth Texas
William G. Connor1850South CarolinaGeorgia
William G. Connor1858GeorgiaSouth Carolina
D. M. Conway1890ColumbiaSouthwest Missouri
E. F. Cook1887North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Thomas F. Cook1848MississippiTexas
J. W. Cooley1852TennesseeTexas
David B. Cooper1857KentuckyMissouri
S. H. Cooper1848HolstonGeorgia
S. H. Cooper1871AlabamaLouisiana
C. M. Coppedge1888North TexasIndian Mission
J. F. Corbin1882North TexasWest Texas
John F. Corbin1880TennesseeNorth Texas
W. L. Corbin1888LouisvilleIllinois
W. L. Corbin1889IllinoisLouisville
John A. Corbitt1877White RiverMemphis
W. H. Corley1871White RiverArkansas
John B. Corn1842HolstonNorth Carolina
Augustus A. Cornett1876Northwest TexasLouisiana
G. W. Cottingham1871West TexasTexas
G. W. Cottingham1879North TexasWhite River
George W. Cottingham1881White RiverWest Texas
James L. Cotton1852AlabamaNorth Carolina
James L. Cotton1854North CarolinaAlabama
Thomas Cotton1875MississippiWest Virginia
J. B. Cottrell1870AlabamaNorth Mississippi
J. B. Cottrell1874AlabamaLouisville
Joseph B. Cottrell1873North MississippiAlabama
Oeorge W. Cottrell1845TroyRock River
Ezekiel Couch1847MemphisIndian Mission
A. C. Couey1886LouisianaMontana
A. C. Couey1892MontanaTennessee
Charles W. Coursey1860LouisianaArkansas
A. F. Cox1879West TexasNorthwest Texas
D. D. Cox1869South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
I. H. Cox1866West TexasTexas
Ivy H. Cox1852KentuckyTexas
J. S. Cox1880WesternMissouri
Jacob H. Cox1871White RiverSt Louis
James A. Cox1874MissouriWestern
S. K. Cox1870AlabamaBaltimore
P. W. Cozby1882North TexasIndian Mission
H. H. Craig1867St LouisMissouri
Henry H. Craig1858MissouriKansas
J. W. Craig1874PacificColumbia
J. W. Craig1892ColumbiaEast Columbia
Thomas B. Craighead1842TennesseeMississippi
John T. Crandall1871St LouisIllinois
James C. CraTens1842IllinoisTexas
Isaac N Craven1872East TexasNorth Texas
R. M. Craven1878DenverMontana
N. A. Cravens1854TexasLouisiana
N. A. Cravens1873LouisianaTexas
Nehemiah A. Cravens1850AlabamaTexas
A. T. Crawford1888TennesseeNorth Texas
Andrew J. Crawford1851AlabamaTexas
David Crawford1842IndianaArkansas
W. S. Creasey1891North CarolinaWestern North Carolina
J. W. Crider1874South CarolinaVirginia
J. C. Crisp1873South CarolinaNorth Carolina
D. C. Crook1870North AlabamaAlabama
Joseph Cross1843OneidaGenesee
Joseph Cross1846KentuckyLouisiana
Joseph Cross1847LouisianaKentucky
Joseph Cross1850KentuckyTennessee
Joseph Cross1859South CarolinaRio Grande
William G. Cross1867VirginiaBaltimore
B. T. Crouch1856PacificMemphis