Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
George W. Carter1860MemphisTexas
I. M. Carter1881Southwest MissouriEast Texas
J. A. W. H. Carter1867MontgomeryMobile
J. C. Carter1872MemphisWhite River
J. C. Carter1885White RiverEast Texas
J. C. Carter1886East TexasNorthwest Texas
J. M. Carter1880KentuckyWest Virginia
J. M. Carter1884East TexasNorth Texas
J. R. Carter1880South GeorgiaWest Texas
John C. Carter1844GeorgiaAlabama
John C. Carter1849AlabamaGeorgia
William Carter1859North CarolinaVirginia
C. H. Cary1886ArkansasWhite River
R. Cary1868MobileMontgomery
Jack W. Casey1846KentuckyLouisville
T. F. Cason1887MemphisLos Angeles
T. F. Cason1891Los AngelesMemphis
E. C. Castleberry1885White RiverFlorida
E. C. Castleberry1887FloridaArkansas
S. J. Catlin1871IllinoisWestern
S. J. Catlin1879IllinoisWestern
S. J. Catlin1884WesternNorthwest Texas
N. L. Caughlan1888Southwest MissouriDenver
J. C. Cavener1890North TexasNorthwest Mexican Mission
J. 0. Cburch1869TexasNorthwest Texas
E. F. Center1886WesternIllinois
J. W. Chalk1854TexasEast Texas
Corydon Chamberlain1874LouisianaPacific
J. W. Chambers1879LouisianaMississippi
J. H. Chambliss1889TexasNorthwest Texas
Thomas J. Champion1843GeneseeMichigan
E. G. Chandler1883VirginiaMontana
John Chandler1844ErieRock River
Thomas W. Chandler1842IllinoisMissouri
J. E. Chaplin1842North OhioMichigan
J. S. Chapman1882Indian MissionLos Angeles
J. S. Chapman1891Los AngelesNorthwest Texas
M. B. Chapman1891Little RockSt Louis
Mark B. Chapman1868LouisianaMissouri
E. B. Chappell1883MemphisTexas
E. B. Chappell1888West TexasTexas
E. B. Chappell1891TexasSt Louis
S. Chase1842Black RiverLiberia
S. M. Chase1889Southwest MissouriDenver
H. C. Cheatham1869FloridaVirginia
Henry C. Cheatham1869VirginiaFlorida
R. M. Chenanlt1892North TexasWest Texas
R. M. Chenault1890West TexasNorth Texas
R. M. Chennault1889TennesseeWest Texas
R. F. Chew1873North MississippiSt Louis
R. F. Chew1886St LouisMemphis
G. Child1844MaineBlack River
J. P. Childers1891TexasNorthwest Texas
C. L. Chilton1885AlabamaSt Louis
C. L. Chilton1887AlabamaSouthwest Missouri
C. L. Chilton1888Southwest MissouriSt Louis
C. L. Chilton1890St LouisAlabama
Hilliard F. Chreitsburg1892South CarolinaWestern North Carolina
H. C. Christian1883North GeorgiaPacific
T. J. Christian1880North GeorgiaLittle Rock
T. J. Christian1882Little RockNorth Georgia
J. 0. Church1867Northwest TexasTexas
Jared O. Church1862TennesseeTexas
F. F. St. Clair1889South GeorgiaColumbia
A. Clark1892MissouriIndian Mission
George C. Clark1867North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
J. M. Clark1885White RiverSouthwest Missouri
J. S. Clark1882PacificLos Angeles
M. A. Clark1874South GeorgiaDenver
M. A. Clark1883South GeorgiaIndian Mission
R. S. Clark1871MississippiWestern
Charles P. Clarke1845TroyMississippi
George Clarke1845GeorgiaFlorida
George C. Clarke1851FloridaGeorgia
J. S. R. Clarke1866VirginiaNorth Carolina
John L. Clarke1875BaltimoreVirginia
W. J. Clarke1880North GeorgiaArkansas
R. A. Claughton1866MissouriWest Virginia
G. T. Clawson1881LouisvilleIllinois
G. T. Clawson1892IllinoisSt Louis
P. O. Clayton1872PacificLos Angeles
Pettis O. Clayton1852St LouisPacific
S. D. Clements1882South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
T. R. Clendenin1891TennesseeWest Texas
Clinton Clenny1882PacificTennessee
Zelotes T. Clifford1844North IndianaIndiana
W. L. Clifton1882North AlabamaNorth Texas
George H. Clinton1868MississippiSt Louis
M. A. Clontz1864GeorgiaFlorida
J. A. Clower1870Little RockNorth Texas
J. S. Clower1891ArkansasLittle Rock
J. E. Cobb1857St LouisWachita
J. E. Cobb1870Little RockLouisiana
James E. Cobb1856ArkansasSt Louis
W. A. Cobb1848Indian MissionArkansas
William N. Cobb1843GeneseeOneida
Henry Coch1844KentuckyGerman Mission
H. B. Cockrill1888KentuckyMontana
W. F. Coffin1889North CarolinaPacific
D. L. Cogdell1874North MississippiLos Angeles