Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
S. N. Burns1880Little RockArkansas
S. N. Burns1886ArkansasLittle Rock
Samuel N. Burns1872North GeorgiaLittle Rock
I. L. Burrow1890Indian MissionArkansas
Isham L. Burrow1869MemphisArkansas
Robert O. Burton1858North CarolinaVirginia
Robert O. Burton1870VirginiaNorth Carolina
R. B. Burts1842MemphisArkansas
J. Y. Busby1882IllinoisSouthwest Missouri
J. D. Bush1871North MississippiMemphis
J. D. Bush1882MemphisDenver
G. Butler1870Little RockLos Angeles
W. 0. Butler1879FloridaNorth Georgia
W. O. Butler1877North GeorgiaFlorida
M. E. Butt1864MontgomeryMobile
M. E. Butt1880AlabamaNorth Alabama
M. E. Butt1882North AlabamaArkansas
D. D. Byars1850South CarolinaNorth Carolina
D. D. Byars1851North CarolinaSouth Carolina
C. W. Byrd1890North CarolinaWestern North Carolina
J. S. Byrd1883ArkansasIndian Mission
C. C. O'Neal C. C. O'Neal1892North AlabamaNorth Georgia
C. M. Cagle1892IllinoisSt Louis
C. D. Cahoon1844New HampshireRock River
C. M. Caldwell1878LouisvilleTexas
C. M. Caldwell1879TexasLouisville
H. R. Caldwell1877North MississippiMississippi
Hiram R. Caldwell1870MemphisNorth Mississippi
J. P. Caldwell1887ArkansasTexas
J. P. Caldwell1889TexasArkansas
J. P. Caldwell1890ArkansasSouthwest Missouri
James E. Caldwell1854ArkansasWachita
C. W. Calhoun1876AlabamaMississippi
G. W. Callahan1879HolstonNorth Carolina
J. H. Callaway1888Little RockLouisiana
J. P. Callaway1890Southwest MissouriNorthwest Texas
Jesse S. Mc Callister1856ArkansasWachita
J. P. Calloway1887ArkansasSouthwest Missouri
James B. Calloway1843IllinoisMissouri
E. D. Cameron1890North TexasNorthwest Texas
J. D. Cameron1870AlabamaNorth Mississippi
Thomas Cameron1870North AlabamaNorth Mississippi
W. F. Camp1867MississippiSt Louis
A. M. Campbell1872North GeorgiaLos Angeles
C. D. N. Campbell1868MobileSt Louis
C. D. N. Campbell1872West St LouisSt Louis
James Campbell1882TexasNorthwest Texas
James Campbell1884Northwest TexasEast Texas
T. S. Campbell1877North MississippiNorth Carolina
Thomas S. Campbell1872VirginiaNorth Mississippi
W. C. Campbell1872St LouisWestern
W. C. Campbell1872KentuckySt Louis
W. C. Campbell1879MissouriSouthwest Missouri
J. J. Canafax1883Northwest TexasTexas
Anthony Cannon1859LouisvilleLouisiana
F. D. Cantrell1885North GeorgiaLouisville
F. D. Cantrell1888LouisvilleNorth Georgia
Thomas H. Capers1847AlabamaSt Louis
W. E. Caperton1884TennesseeNorthwest Texas
W. P. Caples1874DenverWestern
William P. Caples1870MissouriWestern
J. Card1860MissouriKansas
Byron S. Carden1854ArkansasTexas
Hiram G. Carden1854ArkansasTexas
J. C. Carden1871North CarolinaSt Louis
J. J. Carden1874Southwest MissouriDenver
J. J. Carden1875DenverNorth Carolina
J. J. Carden1884North CarolinaBaltimore
J. J. Carden1888BaltimoreNorth Carolina
R. E. Carey1867MontgomeryMobile
R. E. Carey1870North AlabamaAlabama
David H. Carithers1859ArkansasIndian Mission
J. F. Carl1886Northwest TexasMexican Border Mission
J. F. Carl1887Mexican Border Mission Northwest Texas
J. F. Carl1892TennesseeMemphis
J. S. Carl1884Little RockTennessee
Jacob F. Carl1884MemphisNorth Texas
Jacob F. Carl1888Northwest TexasTennessee
Joseph Carl1880MemphisLittle Rock
J. W. Carnes1882DenverHolston
James E. Carnes1858LouisvilleEast Texas
John W. Carnes1878HolstonDenver
J. B. Carpenter1890North CarolinaWestern North Carolina
J. E. Carpenter1886LouisvilleSouthwest Missouri
J. E. Carpenter1891Southwest MissouriLos Angeles
J. E. Carpenter1892Los AngelesNorthwest Mexican Mission
John F. Carr1854ArkansasWachita
Joseph Carr1869MississippiNorth Georgia
Joseph Carr1879North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Beverley Carradine1882MississippiLouisiana
Beverly Carradine1890LouisianaSt Louis
E. A. Carraway1891South GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
F. B. Carroll1885West VirginiaDenver
C. H. Carson1883South GeorgiaColumbia
Robert I. Carson1858North CarolinaVirginia
Stephen W. Carson1857MemphisFlorida
Charles Briscoe Carter1892LouisvilleNorth Texas
D. W. Carter1886HolstonCentral Mexican Mission
D. W. Carter1890Central Mexican Mission Mexican Border Mission
George W. Carter1858VirginiaMemphis