Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
James Y. Brice1858GeorgiaWachita
James Y. Brice1874North TexasIndian Mission
J. C. A. Bridges1868MontgomeryNorth Georgia
Julius C. Bridges1869North GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
W. W. Bridwell1881North TexasEast Texas
A. C. Briggs1892Southwest MissouriIndian Mission
G. W. Briggs1889TexasNorth Alabama
G. W. Briggs1891North AlabamaTexas
G. Waverly Briggs1878AlabamaTexas
R. J. Briggs1880AlabamaNorth Alabama
R. J. Briggs1882North AlabamaBaltimore
G. Bright1871MississippiLouisiana
George Bright1865South CarolinaGeorgia
George Bright1868South GeorgiaMissouri
George Bright1869MissouriSt Louis
George Bright1872South GeorgiaFlorida
George Bright1872LouisianaFlorida
J. H. Bristow1854PacificLouisville
James H. Bristow1852LouisvillePacific
W. L. Britt1883Southwest MissouriDenver
W. M. Britt1890MontanaKentucky
W. C. Brodie1877ArkansasNorthwest Texas
A. J. Brooks1879HolstonWest Virginia
Calvin H. Brooks1854MemphisArkansas
H. H. Brooks1878TexasNorthwest Texas
H. W. Brooks1891Little RockMemphis
Henry W. Brooks1877MemphisArkansas
J. H. Brooks1884North GeorgiaDenver
J. J. Brooks1880MemphisWhite River
L. W. Browder1884LouisvilleFlorida
L. W. Browder1887FloridaLouisville
Addison L. Brower1871MissouriWestern
A. M. Brown1843EriePittsburgh
Alanson Brown1878TennesseeWest Texas
C. M. Brown1875HolstonBaltimore
Charles E. Brown1871South GeorgiaArkansas
D. C. Brown1882North MississippiSouthwest Missouri
D. C. Brown1887Southwest MissouriLos Angeles
D. P. Brown1890North TexasNew Mexico
H. J. Brown1887WesternArkansas
H. J. Brown1890ArkansasIndian Mission
Hardie Brown1865MobileMontgomery
J. C. Brown1888MissouriWhite River
J. C. Brown1891ArkansasWhite River
J. C. Brown1892White RiverNorth Mississippi
J. H. Brown1890North MississippiLouisiana
J. Marshall Brown1872AlabamaLouisiana
J. W. Brown1891South CarolinaNorth Georgia
James W. Brown1866MontgomeryWest Texas
John L. Brown1861LouisvilleArkansas
John L. Brown1880LouisvilleNorthwest Texas
Julian C. Brown1889White RiverArkansas
Julien C. Brown1885White RiverMissouri
K. Brown1870North AlabamaTennessee
p. C. Brown1884MontanaSouthwest Missouri
S. H. Brown1889TexasWest Texas
D. C. Browne1890Southwest MissouriHolston
D. C. Browne1890Los AngelesSouthwest Missouri
J. T. Browning1888East TexasTexas
W. H. Browning1866TennesseeLittle Rock
Wesley Browning1845MissouriIndian Mission
George A. Brunig1844IndianaOhio
J. H. Brunner1868HolstonKentucky
J. H. Brunner1869KentuckyHolston
John J. Brunow1859PacificRio Grande
John J. F. Brunow1861Rio GrandeLouisiana
George W. Brush1858KentuckyLouisville
James E. Bryan1858MissouriKansas
J. W. Bryant1875TennesseeArkansas
J. W. Bryant1879ArkansasIndian Mission
J. W. Bryant1882Indian MissionArkansas
J. W. Bryant1888ArkansasColumbia
N. A. D. Bryant1848TennesseeMemphis
G. R. Bryce1872ArkansasIndian Mission
G. R. Bryce1873Indian MissionNorthwest Texas
Ira M. Bryce1892North TexasTexas
J. Y. Bryce1862WachitaTexas
J. Y. Bryce1873Indian MissionNorth Texas
P. C. Bryce1881North TexasWest Texas
P. Campbell Bryce1889Mexican Border Mission Denver
C. H. Buchanan1889TexasBaltimore
Claudius Buchanan1874St LouisTennessee
Claudius Buchanan1874TennesseeSt Louis
E. P. Buckner1868KentuckyWest Virginia
W. J. Bullivant1872North MississippiMississippi
W. J. Bullivant1873MississippiIllinois
J. L. Burchard1859St LouisPacific
H. T. Burger1876HolstonColumbia
P. P. Burke1892ArkansasLittle Rock
W. T. Burke1877MemphisEast Texas
W. T. Burke1881East TexasWest Texas
W. T. Burke1885West TexasMexican Border Mission
W. T. Burke1886Mexican Border Mission Los Angeles
N. T. Burks1880East TexasSouth Georgia
J. H. Burnes1866West VirginiaBaltimore
G. W. Burnett1883Little RockDenver
Jackson S. Burnett1873LouisvilleHolston
T. S. Burnett1879PacificColumbia
R. Burnip1873MississippiIllinois
Robert Burnip1872North MississippiMississippi