Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
H. B. Blue1887West TexasTennessee
O. R. Blue1870North AlabamaAlabama
J. F. Blythe1852MemphisPacific
J. B. Bobbitt1885North CarolinaBaltimore
J. C. L. Boehm1891MemphisSt Louis
O. Bogges1889St LouisDenver
C. H. Boggs1875Southwest MissouriVirginia
Charles H. Boggs1856VirginiaWest Virginia
Charles H. Boggs1857West VirginiaVirginia
F. J. Boggs1875Southwest MissouriVirginia
Francis J. Boggs1856VirginiaWest Virginia
Francis J. Boggs1857West VirginiaVirginia
Francis J. Boggs1870VirginiaWest St Louis
W. E. Boggs1887Southwest MissouriSt Louis
W. E. Boggs1887West VirginiaSouthwest Missouri
W. E. Boggs1892St LouisLittle Rock
J. M. Boland1878North AlabamaAlabama
J. M. Boland1889AlabamaKentucky
W. T. Bolling1872MemphisArkansas
W. T. Bolling1874ArkansasMemphis
W. T. Bolling1878MemphisWest Virginia
W. T. Bolling1883West VirginiaMissouri
W. T. Bolling1888MissouriDenver
B. B. Bolton1890East TexasNorth Texas
J. M. Bond1883East TexasNorthwest Texas
J. W. Bond1883Southwest MissouriEast Texas
J. W. Bond1883East TexasNorthwest Texas
W. M. D. Bond1876South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
John M. Bonnell1855GeorgiaKentucky
John M. Bonnell1856KentuckyAlabama
John M. Bonnell1859AlabamaGeorgia
W. B. Bonnell1884TennesseeNorth Georgia
J. M. Boon1885North MississippiSouthwest Missouri
Lacy Boone1873TennesseeWest Texas
H. L. Booth1871North AlabamaTennessee
H. L. Booth1892TennesseeNorth Alabama
H. M. Booth1872MississippiEast Texas
H. M. Booth1876East TexasNorth Texas
Jesse Boring1847AlabamaGeorgia
Jesse Boring1852GeorgiaPacific
Jesse Boring1858GeorgiaRio Grande
Nicholas H. Boring1860TexasRio Grande
Thomas G. Bosley1862LouisvilleKentucky
Pleasant Bossham1855ArkansasIndian Mission
J. W. Boswell1872North MississippiWhite River
J. W. Boswell1880White RiverArkansas
J. W. Boswell1890ArkansasNorth Mississippi
B. H. Bounds1875North MississippiNorthwest Texas
Benjamin H. Bounds1876Northwest TexasNorth Texas
E. M. Bounds1865MissouriTennessee
E. M. Bounds1868TennesseeMobile
E. M. Bounds1875AlabamaSt Louis
E. M. Bounds1890St LouisMissouri
H. A. Bourland1875MissouriSouthwest Missouri
H. A. Bourland1877Southwest MissouriNorth Texas
H. A. Bourland1884North TexasNorthwest Texas
John Bowden1846KentuckyLouisville
J. S. Bowdes1891West VirginiaMissouri
H. P. Bowen1875MississippiWest Texas
H. P. Bowen1876West TexasMississippi
George W. Bowers1844IndianaNorth Indiana
A. S. Bowles1892West VirginiaMissouri
J. W. Bowman1890WesternHolston
J. W. Bowman1891HolstonWestern North Carolina
John Bowman1889HolstonWestern
A. M. Box1851AlabamaTexas
A. M. Box1874East TexasNorthwest Texas
E. S. Boyd1891North TexasEast Texas
E. S. Boyd1891East TexasNorth Texas
G. F. Boyd1890North TexasNorthwest Texas
George F. Boyd1889North AlabamaNorth Texas
Green Boyd1864ArkansasTexas
J. H. Boyd1874Little RockArkansas
J. H. Boyd1874White RiverLittle Rock
S. G. Boyd1888LouisvilleAlabama
George W. Boyles1871MississippiNorth Mississippi
G. W. Boyls1881North MississippiArkansas
Harrison Bradford1891MississippiNorth Texas
J. H. Bradford1888ArkansasLittle Rock
Thomas C. Bradford1887MississippiIndian Mission
William Bradford1855MissouriKansas
J. E. Bradley1874LouisianaColumbia
James E. Bradley1859LouisvilleLouisiana
Ralph Bradley1872North MississippiMississippi
L. Bramble1890West VirginiaMontana
F. A. Branch1869FloridaSouth Georgia
J. 0. Branch1869FloridaSouth Georgia
J. O. Branch1875South GeorgiaPacific
J. O. Branch1877PacificSouth Georgia
Henry F. Branham1891North GeorgiaPacific
W. R. Branham1888Indian MissionNorth Georgia
W. R., Jr. Branham1884North GeorgiaIndian Mission
John L. Branstetter1868LouisvilleIllinois
J. H. Brendle1888HolstonSt Louis
G A. Breunig1842OhioIndiana
C. F. Brewer1892ArkansasIndian Mission
C. P. Brewer1892St LouisArkansas
S. R. Brewer1870MemphisNorth Mississippi
Samuel R. Brewer1874North MississippiLouisville
T. F. Brewer1872North MississippiArkansas