Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
William Barnett1872WesternMissouri
W. Barringer1850South CarolinaNorth Carolina
Ambrose M. Barrington1875North MississippiMississippi
John Barth1844KentuckyGerman Mission
Philip Barth1859German Mission German Mission
Philip Barth1859TennesseeSt Louis
R. T. Barton1883HolstonAlabama
R. T. Barton1885AlabamaWest Texas
G. B. Baskerville1880MemphisLittle Rock
G. B. Baskerville1882Little RockMemphis
W. D. Bass1891North MississippiNorthwest Texas
P. Bassham1859Indian MissionArkansas
U. S. Bates1870North AlabamaTennessee
George Baugh1890Los AngelesPacific
A. V. Bayley1873WesternMissouri
H. W. Bays1892Western North CarolinaSouth Carolina
W. W Bays1890HolstonNorth Georgia
T. J. Bayton1890North CarolinaVirginia
Seth H. Beal1843ProvidenceMaine
D. A. Beardsley1865LouisvilleKentucky
D. A. Beardsley1874KentuckyLouisville
D. A. Beardsley1875LouisvilleNorth Mississippi
D. A. Beardsley1876North MississippiLouisville
B. F. Beasley1876North MississippiTexas
M. J. F. Beasley1883White RiverWest Texas
R. F. Beasley1875ArkansasNorth Mississippi
R. F. Beasley1885TexasMontana
R. F. Beasley1888MontanaPacific
T. J. Beckham1890TennesseeNorth Texas
S. R. Beek1886North CarolinaDenver
Stephen R. Beggs1843IllinoisRock River
S. R. Belk1889DenverNorth Georgia
David L. Bell1844ArkansasTexas
Fielding Bell1859KentuckyLouisiana
J. W. Bell1885TennesseeNorth Mississippi
P. M. Bell1889MemphisColumbia
J. R. Bellomy1851HolstonEast Texas
James S. Belton1852TennesseeAlabama
Thomas Benn1842MississippiErie
Jesse L. Bennet1845IowaIllinois
J. O. Bennett1887North MississippiLouisiana
J. R. Bennett1879Southwest MissouriWestern
J. R. Bennett1884WesternSouthwest Missouri
Jesse L. Bennett1842MissouriRock River
A. R. Bennick1868South CarolinaHolston
A. R. Bennicks1876White RiverNorthwest Texas
A. C. Benson1886Northwest TexasNorth Texas
N. G. Berryman1865MissouriKentucky
A. Best1843IllinoisMissouri
A. W. J. Best1881FloridaWest Virginia
A. W. J. Best1882FloridaWest Virginia
J. R. Betts1889DenverSouth Carolina
Gerard Van Beuren1844TennesseeMemphis
W. M. Bewley1872St LouisWestern
John Bier1843OhioNorth Ohio
John Bier1844North OhioOhio
John Bier1844KentuckyGerman Mission
A. C. Biggs1879Little RockWest Texas
Amariah Biggs1849MemphisIndian Mission
Amariah Biggs1850Indian MissionArkansas
J. A. Biggs1890Little RockWest Texas
Joab H. Biggs1846ArkansasEast Texas
W. H. H. Biggs1874Little RockTexas
W. H. H. Biggs1875TexasWest Texas
Robert W. Bigham1852GeorgiaPacific
Robert W. Bigham1859PacificGeorgia
T. D. Bijuer1883St LouisPacific
E. P. Birch1872North GeorgiaAlabama
C. S. Bird1885HolstonFlorida
Jesse Bird1857KentuckyMissouri
Jesse Bird1871MissouriWestern
Jesse Bird1872WesternMissouri
U. S. Bird1872FloridaWestern
U. S. Bird1873WesternSouth Carolina
U. S. Bird1876South CarolinaFlorida
T. M. C. Birmingham1878ArkansasLittle Rock
T. M. C. Birmingham1878Little RockArkansas
C. M. Bishop1889HolstonSouthwest Missouri
J. C. C. Black1870MississippiWest Texas
W. C. Black1892MississippiSouth Georgia
B. G. Blackwell1873North AlabamaAlabama
B. G. Blackwell1875AlabamaNorth Alabama
J. D. Blackwell1869BaltimoreVirginia
William L. Blackwell1870MissouriWestern
A. S. Blackwood1886White RiverDenver
A. S. Blackwood1891DenverTexas
W. C. Blair1873TennesseeWest Texas
W. C. Blair1882North TexasWest Texas
J. H. Blakey1842MemphisArkansas
W. J. Blakey1885WesternSouthwest Missouri
W. J. Blakey1885Southwest MissouriWestern
W. J. Blakey1886WesternMissouri
W. H. Blalock1883MemphisSt Louis
I. M. Blanton1889North AlabamaNorth Georgia
L. A. Blevans1891Southwest MissouriWestern
John T. Bloodworth1880North TexasNorthwest Texas
William J. Bloodworth1880North TexasNorthwest Texas
J. T. Bludworth1882Northeast TexasNorth Texas
W. J. Bludworth1882Northeast TexasNorth Texas
A. H. Blue1878Northwest TexasBaltimore