Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
Joseph S. Malone1850TennesseeSt Louis
Joseph S. Malone1851St LouisTennessee
T. B. Malone1879TennesseeNorth Mississippi
W. C. Maloy1868North GeorgiaBaltimore
Marcus C. Manly1869Little RockLouisiana
A. T. Mann1866GeorgiaMemphis
A. T. Mann1876North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
A. T. Mann1885South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
Alfred T. Mann1869MemphisNorth Georgia
E. M. Mann1873MissouriWestern
E. M. Mann1874DenverMissouri
John Mann1844OhioMissouri
W. R. Manning1879East TexasNorth Texas
T. W. Mansfield1889North CarolinaLos Angeles
T. W. Mansfield1891Los AngelesWestern North Carolina
Joseph Manuel1889MemphisIndian Mission
C. P. Marchman1890North GeorgiaSt Louis
Beridge Margeson1872MissouriWest St Louis
Berridge Margeson1871WesternMissouri
John Maris1845IllinoisRock River
E. C. Marks1890TennesseeNorth Georgia
John S. Marks1873North AlabamaTennessee
John S. Marks1879TennesseeNorth Alabama
J. F. Marshall1867MobileEast Texas
Lewis S. Marshall1845KentuckyTexas
Lewis S. Marshall1847TexasArkansas
Joseph E. Martin1872VirginiaLouisville
Joseph E. Martin1872St LouisMissouri
Moses L. Martin1874North MississippiNorthwest Texas
P. T. Martin1878TennesseeFlorida
P. T. Martin1879FloridaTennessee
R. Martin1842MemphisArkansas
T. A. Martin1891ArkansasIndian Mission
E. M. Marvin1855MissouriSt Louis
D. Mason1866MissouriMemphis
S. A. Mason1872MemphisSt Louis
S. A. Mason1874St LouisMemphis
W. H. Mason1874PacificLos Angeles
W. Herbert Mason1872BaltimorePacific
J. L. Massey1892ArkansasTexas
R. W. Massey1871Little RockWhite River
Leroy Massingale1845AlabamaMississippi
John Mathews1870AlabamaLouisiana
John Mathews1886Southwest MissouriSt Louis
W. D. Mathews1891White RiverSouthwest Missouri
A. H. Mathis1847HolstonMissouri
William M. Mathis1863ArkansasTexas
B. C. Matthews1888ArkansasMemphis
B. C. Matthews1889MemphisArkansas
George W. Matthews1870VirginiaLittle Rock
Jacob Matthews1859MississippiTexas
John Matthews1852TennesseePacific
John Matthews1857TennesseeAlabama
John Matthews1881LouisianaSouthwest Missouri
John Matthews1882LouisianaSouthwest Missouri
W. D. Matthews1856GeorgiaAlabama
W. D. Matthews1880North MississippiArkansas
W. D. Matthews1888ArkansasWhite River
John S. Matthis1856ArkansasEast Texas
Milton Maupin1867HolstonNorth Texas
W. B. Maxey1871LouisvilleWestern
W. H. Maxfield1884LouisianaMontana
Harry May1892TexasEast Texas
W. S. May1874West VirginiaNorth Texas
T. C. Mayberry1891Indian MissionNorth Texas
C. C. Mayhew1874TennesseeIllinois
F. W. D. Mays1873HolstonColumbia
Jesse S. McAlister1849Indian MissionArkansas
Willson L. McAlister1850Indian MissionArkansas
Wilson L. McAlister1852ArkansasIndian Mission
W. L. McAllister1845MemphisIndian Mission
C. T. McAnally1888IllinoisMissouri
D. R. McAnnally1851HolstonSt Louis
Daniel McBride1856MemphisLouisiana
R. T. McBride1882TennesseeNorthwest Texas
R. T. McBride1882Northeast TexasNorth Texas
J. E. McCann1882AlabamaLos Angeles
J. E. McCann1886Los AngelesNorth Alabama
J. E. McCann1891North AlabamaAlabama
J. T. McCann1891Little RockSt Louis
T. R. McCarty1886AlabamaNorth Alabama
T. R. McCarty1891North AlabamaNorth Georgia
C. S. McCarver1882TexasNorthwest Texas
John S. McCarver1863ArkansasTexas
C. E. McClintock1892ArkansasSt Louis
J. R. McClure1873TennesseeWestern
McK. F. McCook1884FloridaSouth Georgia
W. P. McCorkle1884North CarolinaWest Texas
W. P. McCorkle1886West TexasMexican Border Mission
W. P. McCorkle1886Mexican Border Mission West Texas
W. P. McCorkle1887Mexican Border Mission West Texas
William P. McCorkle1887West TexasWest Texas
J. T. McCormick1883IllinoisLouisville
J. W. McCrary1884FloridaIndian Mission
J. W. McCrary1891North GeorgiaIndian Mission
John W. McCrary1855GeorgiaFlorida
John W. McCrary1856FloridaMississippi
J. W. McCreary1890Indian MissionNorth Georgia
Alpheus McCullen1889North CarolinaMissouri
Daniel McDonald1855South CarolinaMississippi