Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
John Lindsey1845New YorkTroy
D. H. Linebaugh1872St LouisLittle Rock
D. H. Linebaugh1882Little RockTexas
W. E. M. Linfield1859AlabamaLouisiana
William E. M. Linfield1866LouisianaMississippi
J. H. Linn1869LouisvilleBaltimore
J. H. Linn1874St LouisLouisville
John H. Linn1842KentuckyMissouri
John H. Linn1846MissouriSt Louis
John H. Linn1849St LouisLouisville
John H. Linn1851LouisvilleKentucky
John H. Linn1860KentuckyLouisville
Henry M. Linney1844KentuckyVirginia
Henry M. Linney1872VirginiaKentucky
A. P. Lipscomb1892TennesseeNorthwest Texas
D. M. Litaker1889North CarolinaSouthwest Missouri
John Little1871North MississippiMemphis
John Little1876BaltimoreSt Louis
W. B. Littlejohn1873MemphisWhite River
S. C. Littlepage1891TexasNorthwest Texas
Samuel C. Littlepage1858MissouriTexas
Samuel C. Littlepage1871Northwest TexasSt Louis
S. C. Littlepago1872St LouisNorthwest Texas
William E. Littleton1859KentuckyArkansas
William E. Littleton1859ArkansasKentucky
J. W. Lively1888North TexasEast Texas
L. P. Lively1846MemphisArkansas
L. P. Lively1872East TexasNorth Texas
Lewis P. Lively1864ArkansasTexas
George M. Liverman1872MississippiLouisiana
W. B. Llewellyn1869LouisvilleIllinois
James W. Lloyd1848ArkansasTexas
W. F. Lloyd1890South GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
J. R. Locke1843South CarolinaAlabama
W. T. Locke1889MemphisArkansas
Elijah B. Lockley1852AlabamaPacific
Abram Long1887Northwest TexasArkansas
M. D. Long1891East TexasIndian Mission
Orson Long1854West VirginiaKentucky
S. D. Long1891North MississippiHolston
T. G. Long1890South GeorgiaFlorida
Augustus B. Longstreet1849GeorgiaMississippi
Augustus B. Longstreet1849MississippiMemphis
Robert G. Loring1855MissouriLouisville
Benjamin F. Love1846St LouisMissouri
West D. Lovelady1871North TexasEast Texas
J. M. Lovell1871PacificColumbia
J. M. Lovell1873ColumbiaPacific
J. A. Lovett1891North TexasIndian Mission
J. J. Lovett1890MississippiIndian Mission
J. Loving1873Little RockArkansas
Robert G. Loving1856LouisvilleMissouri
Jaems M. N. Low1845GeorgiaFlorida
J. C. Lowe1879North MississippiHolston
J. C. Lowe1886HolstonNorth Mississippi
William Lowe1889North CarolinaSt Louis
J. W. Lowrance1881KentuckyNorth Mississippi
J. W. Lowrance1882North MississippiSouthwest Missouri
J. W. Lowrance1891Southwest MissouriMemphis
J. Loyall1890Southwest MissouriMissouri
John T. Loyall1881LouisvilleIllinois
Reuben H. Luckey1867FloridaSouth Georgia
W. T. Luckey1861MissouriPacific
James D. Lumsden1852North CarolinaVirginia
Jesse W. Luter1865TennesseeMemphis
T. R. Luter1872MemphisNorth Mississippi
T. R. Luter1873North MississippiMemphis
W. B. Lyda1872HolstonIndian Mission
W. B. Lyda1874Indian MissionHolston
L. M. Lyle1890BaltimoreNorth Georgia
L. M. Lyle1891BaltimoreNorth Georgia
Edward F. Lyons1870TennesseeHolston
James A. Lyons1892West TexasHolston
M. Maas1854LouisianaAlabama
C. F. Maberry1888LouisvilleNorth Texas
F. C. Mabery1890North TexasIndian Mission
F. C. Mabry1886IllinoisLouisville
F. C. Mabry1892North TexasIndian Mission
W. E. Mabry1869MobileTennessee
R. W. MacDonnell1884North GeorgiaWest Texas
J. Mackey1876Little RockNorthwest Texas
James Mackey1875White RiverLittle Rock
C. S. Macreading1845ProvidenceNew England
Thomas Maddin1848TennesseeLouisville
A. J. Maddox1885North GeorgiaFlorida
L. B. Madison1864VirginiaWest Virginia
L. B. Madison1871BaltimoreWest Virginia
Louis B. Madison1866West VirginiaBaltimore
S. B. Madison1884West VirginiaMissouri
Julius Magath1884North GeorgiaNorth Georgia
W. J. Mahon1874MemphisPacific
J. M. Major1882MemphisDenver
John D. Major1892South CarolinaEast Columbia
M. H. Major1890South CarolinaNorthwest Texas
G. W. Maley1845TennesseeKentucky
William L. Malloy1859ArkansasIndian Mission
B. H. Malone1873TennesseeLittle Rock
B. H. Malone1878Little RockNorth Alabama
J. S. Malone1866TennesseeLouisville
Joseph N. Malone1852TennesseePacific