Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
Charles Koenecke1842OhioIllinois
Charles Koenecke1844IllinoisMissouri
Henry Koenecke1843OhioIndiana
Henry Koenecke1844IndianaOhio
Henry Koenecke1845OhioIllinois
John C. Kolbee1858TexasPacific
G. C. M. Kramer1871BaltimoreNorth Georgia
G. R. Kramer1873South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
George Kramer1869North GeorgiaBaltimore
George R. Kramer1872North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
W. C. Lacy1842IllinoisMissouri
C. R. Lamar1892AlabamaTexas
Ransom Lancaster1858West VirginiaKentucky
J. B. Landreth1882Southwest MissouriNorth Texas
Oliver W. Landreth1858KentuckyGeorgia
James S. Lane1868LouisianaNorthwest Texas
Patrick Lane1869MississippiLouisiana
Richard Lane1858GeorgiaEast Texas
J. W. Laney1865MontgomeryMobile
J. M. Langston1892Los AngelesNorthwest Mexican Mission
W. H. LaPrade1890North GeorgiaLouisiana
S. A. Latta1845TennesseeKentucky
W. A. Laughon1875Southwest MissouriVirginia
M. J. Law1870AlabamaWest St Louis
N. F. Law1890TexasIndian Mission
Andrew J. Lawless1877TennesseeWestern
Dennis B. Layne1852AlabamaPacific
A. Lea1851North CarolinaMemphis
Lorenzo Lea1842North CarolinaVirginia
Lorenzo Lea1844VirginiaMemphis
Lorenzo Lea1870MemphisTennessee
J. W. Leach1872PacificLos Angeles
M. T. Leach1874East TexasNorthwest Texas
M. T. Leach1875North TexasNorth Alabama
Matthew T. Leach1869MontgomeryEast Texas
Thomas T. Leach1846ArkansasMississippi
Moses A. Leake1865GeorgiaMontgomery
Samuel Leard1876North CarolinaSouth Carolina
Robert M. Leaton1860MissouriEast Texas
Robert M. Leaton1866East TexasWest Texas
G. A. LeClere1891East TexasTexas
B. E. Ledbetter1891FloridaVirginia
C. M. Ledbetter1887North GeorgiaSt Louis
C. M. Ledbetter1891St LouisMissouri
John W. Ledbetter1852TennesseeTexas
Joseph H. Ledbetter1870North AlabamaMissouri
R. N. Ledbetter1878AlabamaNorth Alabama
H. S. Lee1880HolstonTennessee
H. S. Lee1882TennesseeDenver
J. A. Lee1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
J. W. T. Lee1842TennesseeAlabama
John C. C. Lee1845GeorgiaFlorida
L. M. Lee1890MemphisSt Louis
Theophilus Lee1890TennesseeWest Texas
D. A. Leeper1866St LouisMissouri
W. H. LeFevre1887Northwest TexasNorth Texas
W. H. LeFevre1890North TexasTexas
W. H. LeFevre1891TexasNorthwest Texas
William H. Lefevre1881BaltimoreWest Texas
W. M. Leftwich1876St LouisTennessee
David Leith1889MemphisNorth Alabama
W. H. Leith1881MississippiHolston
George W. Lentz1851TennesseeEast Texas
Leopold Lenz1867BaltimoreLouisiana
T. K. Leonard1872FloridaNorth Texas
H. W. Leslie1875BaltimoreHolston
H. W. Leslie1875South GeorgiaHolston
J. J. Lessenberry1889MemphisIndian Mission
E. V. Levert1870North MississippiAlabama
Noah Levings1843TroyNew York
C. A. Lewis1891Southwest MissouriMissouri
Dabney F. Lewis1848MississippiLouisiana
Dixon W. Lewis1847AlabamaIndian Mission
Henry T. Lewis1858MississippiMemphis
Henry T. Lewis1860MemphisFlorida
Henry T. Lewis1861FloridaMississippi
James A. Lewis1866LouisvilleKentucky
James A. Lewis1867KentuckyLouisville
Joseph T. Lewis1845IowaOhio
Josiah Lewis1881AlabamaNorth Georgia
L. C. Lewis1883IllinoisEast Texas
L. M. Lewis1874St LouisLittle Rock
L. M. Lewis1884Northwest TexasNorth Texas
Levin M. Lewis1866LouisianaTexas
T. D. Lewis1877PacificIllinois
W. H. Lewis1871WesternMissouri
Walker Lewis1887South GeorgiaTennessee
Walker Lewis1890TennesseeNorth Georgia
William C. Lewis1848TexasEast Texas
William F. Lewis1873North GeorgiaFlorida
William F. Lewis1874FloridaNorth Georgia
William G. Lewis1850East TexasTexas
D. B. Leyne1854AlabamaFlorida
D. B. Leyne1858FloridaAlabama
George C. Light1845KentuckyMissouri
George C. Light1846St LouisMissouri
George C. Light1850MissouriMississippi
James A. Light1850MissouriMississippi
James A. Light1859MississippiTexas
Marshall O. Ligon1891Western North CarolinaColumbia