Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
J. J. Ansley1883South GeorgiaDenver
J. J. Ansley1886DenverSouth Georgia
J. J. Ansley1887South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
James D. Anthony1869North GeorgiaMobile
James D. Anthony1875North AlabamaSouth Georgia
W. H. Anthony1871North AlabamaTennessee
Cornelius A. Apple1878VirginiaAlabama
B. Arbogast1866GeorgiaHolston
J. F. Archer1890East TexasNorth Texas
P. C. Archer1872Little RockTexas
P. C. Archer1878TexasNorth Texas
P. W. Archer1871Little RockTexas
Philmer W. Archer1870VirginiaLittle Rock
T. S. Armistead1870AlabamaNorth Georgia
T. S. Armstead1882South GeorgiaFlorida
A. O. Armstrong1884BaltimoreSouthwest Missouri
C. C. Armstrong1872West St LouisWestern
C. C. Armstrong1876WesternWest Virginia
C. C. Armstrong1889TexasNorthwest Texas
E. L. Armstrong1878East TexasNorthwest Texas
G. D. Armstrong1874DenverSouthwest Missouri
H. Armstrong1887Little RockLouisiana
J. M. Armstrong1886North GeorgiaTexas
J. M. Armstrong1891TexasNorthwest Texas
R. C. Armstrong1876East TexasNorthwest Texas
Samuel Armstrong1859AlabamaLouisiana
Samuel Armstrong1873LouisianaNorth Texas
T. S. Armstrong1888East TexasWest Texas
T. S. Armstrong1890West TexasNorthwest Texas
August Arnold1858LouisvilleLouisiana
Wilson Arnold1883TennesseeSt Louis
M. Arrington1869ArkansasSt Louis
Marcus Arrington1866Little RockArkansas
William S. Asbury1872IllinoisWest St Louis
Thomas T. Ashby1862MemphisSt Louis
H. S. P. Ashley1882Northeast TexasNorth Texas
J. F. Askew1845VirginiaGeorgia
Benjamin W. Aston1872North MississippiMississippi
R. C. Atchley1875ArkansasLittle Rock
D. Atkins1892ColumbiaWestern North Carolina
G. W. Atkins1883ArkansasIndian Mission
J., Sr. Atkins1879HolstonAlabama
James Atkins1868HolstonBaltimore
James, Sr. Atkins1876HolstonLittle Rock
J. W. Atkinson1876MemphisPacific
J. W. Atkinson1882PacificNorth Texas
T. A. Atkinson1874MemphisPacific
J. W. Atkisson1883North TexasPacific
W. C. Atmore1852LouisvilleKentucky
William C. Atmore1850KentuckyLouisville
T. B. Atterberry1870MemphisLittle Rock
T. B. Atterbury1866Little RockMemphis
James C. Aubry1878North GeorgiaFlorida
J. T. W. Auld1846St LouisTennessee
N. A. Auld1887IllinoisSouthwest Missouri
James Austin1880VirginiaColumbia
W. B. Austin1879ArkansasIndian Mission
George Auten1843IllinoisMississippi
A. P. Avant1870North CarolinaSouth Carolina
H. B. Avery1874MemphisPacific
H. B. Avery1880PacificFlorida
Charles Babcock1844MichiganRock River
Sidney H. Babcock1869North GeorgiaArkansas
W. R. Babcock1852LouisvilleSt Louis
William E. Babcock1850West VirginiaLouisville
G. W. Bachman1870MemphisNorth Mississippi
J. T. Bagwell1891Western North CarolinaArkansas
Andrew M. Bailey1852KentuckyPacific
J. B. Bailey1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
R. W. Bailey1892Los AngelesMississippi
A. C. Baker1870AlabamaWest St Louis
E. M. Baker1868MemphisArkansas
J. A. Baker1890Little RockWest Texas
Job M. Baker1851MissouriEast Texas
M. M. Baker1878HolstonEast Texas
Milton G. Baker1844KentuckyOhio
R. M. Baker1880East TexasNorthwest Texas
B. J. Baldwin1873LouisianaNorth Texas
J. W. Baldwin1891Indian MissionArkansas
L. H. Baldwin1868TexasBaltimore
Samuel D. Baldwin1848LouisvilleTennessee
W. M. Baldwin1891ArkansasIndian Mission
D. Ball1871Los AngelesPacific
Dabney Ball1872BaltimoreLos Angeles
C. L. Ballard1885North MississippiNorth Texas
G. Bancroft1871MississippiAlabama
J. Bancroft1875MississippiAlabama
Josiah Bancroft1873AlabamaMississippi
Josiah Banecroft1853MississippiAlabama
Edward Banister1845Black RiverOneida
E. R. Barcus1868Little RockArkansas
E. R. Barcus1869ArkansasLittle Rock
E. R. Barcus1874Little RockNorthwest Texas
George Henry Barenburg1844PittsburghOhio
Josiah Barker1870MississippiAlabama
S. N. Barker1890Western North CarolinaHolston
J. H. Barnes1869BaltimoreWest Virginia
William H. Barnes1852North CarolinaVirginia
William H. Barnes1858VirginiaNorth Carolina
A. A. Barnett1892North GeorgiaSouth Georgia