Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
Middleton R. Jones1858KansasMissouri
R. P. Jones1876IllinoisMissouri
Sanford W. Jones1852MemphisArkansas
W. P. Jones1867South GeorgiaFlorida
W. V. Jones1884West TexasNorthwest Texas
W. W. Jones1885MissouriSouthwest Missouri
Wiley V. Jones1882Northeast TexasWest Texas
Harris G. Joplin1847St LouisIndian Mission
C. D. Jordan1889AlabamaNorthwest Texas
William M. Jordan1858VirginiaNorth Carolina
Peter H. Joyner1858North CarolinaVirginia
Thomas Joyner1873MemphisNorth Mississippi
Thomas Joyner1876North MississippiMemphis
H. H. Kavanaugh1873KentuckyMissouri
H. H. Kavanaugh1875MissouriKentucky
H. H., Jr. Kavanaugh1867MobileKentucky
W. B. Kavanaugh1873KentuckyWest Virginia
W. B. Kavanaugh1874West VirginiaKentucky
W. B. Kavanaugh1876KentuckyLos Angeles
W. B. Kavanaugh1882Los AngelesKentucky
William B. Kavanaugh1843Rock RiverKentucky
J. S. Keen1871IllinoisLouisville
John S. Keen1869LouisvilleIllinois
N. A. Keen1883North TexasNorthwest Texas
Christian Keener1888LouisianaHolston
Christian Keener1889HolstonNorth Georgia
Christian Keener1889North GeorgiaLouisiana
G. U. Keener1875Southwest MissouriMissouri
John C. Keener1847AlabamaLouisiana
R. H. Keeran1878MissouriBaltimore
R. H. G. Keeran1880BaltimoreMissouri
R. H. G. Keeran1883MissouriSouthwest Missouri
Boon Keeton1890Southwest MissouriLittle Rock
Boone Keeton1884MissouriDenver
J. H. Keith1891HolstonNorth Texas
W. T. Keith1880North AlabamaArkansas
W. T. Keith1891TexasEast Texas
W. T. Keith1891East TexasTexas
G. C. Kelley1887KentuckyLouisville
John M. Kelley1852South CarolinaPacific
Joseph Kelley1844IllinoisRock River
Lewis Kelley1892White RiverIndian Mission
W. D. Kelley1888WesternWhite River
W. D. Kelley1892White RiverWestern
G. C. Kelly1871West VirginiaKentucky
J. M. Kelly1854St LouisMissouri
J. Kelsay1888PacificColumbia
James Kelsay1869ColumbiaPacific
George W. Kelso1842TennesseeVirginia
Benjamin A. Kemp1868TexasNorthwest Texas
J. T. Kendall1888North CarolinaSt Louis
T. R. Kendall1873IllinoisMissouri
T. R. Kendall1887North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
T. R. Kendall1890South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
A. H. Kenneday1866Little RockMemphis
Absalom H. Kennedy1859ArkansasWachita
David L. Kennedy1854TennesseeFlorida
F. M. Kennedy1870North CarolinaSouth Carolina
H. H. Kennedy1881BaltimoreSouth Georgia
H. H. Kennedy1888FloridaBaltimore
J. L. Kennedy1881BaltimoreHolston
J. L. Kennedy1886HolstonBrazil Mission
J. L. Kennedy1890TexasWest Texas
James S. Kennedy1857VirginiaHolston
J. J. N. Kenney1891North GeorgiaPacific
R. W. Kennon1847LouisianaEast Texas
R. M. Kerby1862WachitaEast Texas
Henry R. Kern1844ArkansasPittsburgh
B. W. Key1878South GeorgiaSt Louis
A. Kiergan1870MissouriWestern
A. Kiergan1871WesternMissouri
E. G. Kilgore1890North MississippiWhite River
E. G. Kilgore1891White RiverSt Louis
S. G. Kilgore1891Northwest Mexican MissionMexican Border Mission
Whitnel P. Kimball1857MemphisLouisiana
Caswell W. King1858VirginiaNorth Carolina
Joseph King1866St LouisMissouri
Joseph King1866MissouriSt Louis
Joseph King1878WesternSouthwest Missouri
W. D. King1892Northwest Mexican MissionCentral Mexican Mission
W. L. King1873LouisvilleWest St Louis
W. L. King1888Southwest MissouriWhite River
H. C. Kirby1891WesternMissouri
R. M. Kirby1866East TexasWest Texas
R. M. Kirby1869West TexasEast Texas
Robert M. Kirby1846TennesseeArkansas
Joseph L. Kirkpatrick1845IowaRock River
P. L. Kirton1888South CarolinaAlabama
P. L. Kirton1890AlabamaSouth Carolina
B. B. Kisenhoover1870MemphisNorth Mississippi
J. Kisling1842IndianaOhio
John Kisling1844OhioIndiana
W. L. Kistler1870North MississippiTexas
W. H. Klyce1882ColumbiaLos Angeles
W. H. Klyce1885Los AngelesNorthwest Texas
W. H. Klyce1887Northwest TexasTennessee
William Henry Klyce1877TennesseeColumbia
E. C. Knott1886Los AngelesNorth Alabama
J. W. Knott1879North MississippiMemphis
L. L. Knox1842Black RiverOneida