Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
James A. Ivey1852LouisvilleLouisiana
Crawford Jackson1889South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
Elias Jackson1870North MississippiWhite River
Elias Jackson1871White RiverNorth Mississippi
Flem. S. Jackson1882North TexasWest Texas
G. W. Jackson1891Western North CarolinaHolston
George Jackson1872MississippiLouisiana
J. H. Jackson1888West VirginiaMissouri
James B. Jackson1863ArkansasFlorida
P. B. Jackson1888South CarolinaPacific
P. B. Jackson1889PacificSouth Carolina
P. B. Jackson1890South CarolinaLos Angeles
W. J. Jackson1883MissouriDenver
W. J. Jackson1887North TexasDenver
George E. Jamison1874ArkansasLos Angeles
Leister Janes1843OhioTexas
W. W. Jared1875Northwest TexasTennessee
W. W. Jared1881TennesseeWestern
W. W. Jared1886WesternSouthwest Missouri
William W. Jared1870TennesseeWestern
W. W. Jarred1872WesternNorthwest Texas
A. J. Jarrell1890North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
James H. Jefferson1858North CarolinaVirginia
James H. Jefferson1868VirginiaHolston
M. G. Jenkins1887Northwest TexasPacific
M. G. Jenkins1890East TexasNorth Texas
Marshall J. Jenkins1869South GeorgiaWest Texas
W. B. Jennings1891DenverNew Mexico
W. B. Jennings1892New MexicoWestern
W. M. Jerdone1871FloridaVirginia
William M. Jerdone1870VirginiaFlorida
J. A. Jester1881North TexasDenver
J. A. Jester1889DenverNorth Alabama
H. Jewel1859MemphisWachita
H. Jewell1889Little RockWhite River
Horace Jewell1867Little RockLouisiana
Horace Jewell1868LouisianaLittle Rock
Horace Jewell1892White RiverLittle Rock
W. B. Johnsey1868LouisvilleIllinois
W. B. Johnsey1877IllinoisMissouri
W. B. Johnsey1888MissouriArkansas
Adam C. Johnson1869LouisvilleIllinois
B. H. Johnson1875TennesseeNorthwest Texas
B. H. Johnson1880Northwest TexasTennessee
B. R. Johnson1854St LouisPacific
Benjamin J. Johnson1862FloridaGeorgia
Britton G. Johnson1860TennesseeWachita
D. R. Johnson1870PacificColumbia
Dongan C. Johnson1858VirginiaNorth Carolina
George S. Johnson1864GeorgiaFlorida
J, H. Johnson1886LouisvilleMemphis
J. B. Johnson1882North MississippiLos Angeles
J. H. Johnson1876St LouisFlorida
J. H. Johnson1885MemphisLouisville
J. H. Johnson1888MemphisMontana
J. H. Johnson1891MontanaPacific
J. W. Johnson1873Little RockNorth Texas
J. W. Johnson1884MontanaMissouri
J. W. Johnson1886St LouisMissouri
J. W. Johnson1888MissouriWest Virginia
John H. Johnson1873MemphisSt Louis
John H. Johnson1877FloridaMemphis
John W. Johnson1856MemphisLouisiana
Joseph Johnson1885White RiverNorth Mississippi
L. G. Johnson1881North GeorgiaLittle Rock
L. G. Johnson1885Little RockNorth Georgia
L. G. Johnson1890North GeorgiaNorth Alabama
L. G. Johnson1892North AlabamaNorth Georgia
S. H. Johnson1883VirginiaWest Virginia
S. H. Johnson1886West VirginiaVirginia
Samuel F. Johnson1849KentuckyLouisville
Thomas Johnson1847MissouriIndian Mission
William C. Johnson1859TennesseeMemphis
Franklin H. Johnston1878North GeorgiaArkansas
J. M. Johnston1874AlabamaLouisiana
James B. Johnston1883FloridaNorth Georgia
John W. Johnston1874North TexasEast Texas
P. A. Johnston1871North MississippiMississippi
J. B. Johnstone1890North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
H. C. Jolly1887ArkansasNorthwest Texas
A. B. Jones1880MemphisNorth Alabama
Amos W. Jones1845North CarolinaMemphis
C. O. Jones1874Southwest MissouriLittle Rock
C. O. Jones1886St LouisSouthwest Missouri
C. O. Jones1888Southwest MissouriNorth Texas
C. O. Jones1892North TexasLouisville
C. P. Jones1868South GeorgiaSt Louis
C. P. Jones1874Southwest MissouriPacific
E. C. Jones1867IllinoisArkansas
Edwin L. Jones1845PhiladelphiaNew York
G. Jones1862MemphisArkansas
Guilford Jones1865ArkansasMemphis
Henry Jones1882Northeast TexasTexas
Henry T. Jones1846MississippiFlorida
J. R. Jones1880MemphisWhite River
J. W. Jones1890North CarolinaWestern North Carolina
James Jones1867North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
James Jones1873South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
John P. Jones1860AlabamaEast Texas
M. R. Jones1857MissouriKansas