Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
W. F. Hodnett1892North TexasIndian Mission
P. H. Hoffman1887KentuckyWest Virginia
P. H. Hoffman1888West VirginiaKentucky
Paul H. Hoffman1850KentuckyWest Virginia
Henry D. Hogan1872TennesseeWestern
W. H. Hogan1890St LouisSouthwest Missouri
W. H. Hogan1891Southwest MissouriSt Louis
Max Hohhause1859German Mission German Mission
John C. Holbe1845ArkansasWest Texas
Elam H. Holbrook1874TexasWest Texas
H. G. Holcombe1871LouisvilleIllinois
S. Holford1842MississippiArkansas
R. A. Holland1865GeorgiaKentucky
R. A. Holland1868KentuckyBaltimore
H. C. Holleman1878AlabamaWest Texas
R. A. Holloway1891Southwest MissouriFlorida
Turner P. Holman1848TennesseeAlabama
Turner P. Holman1871North MississippiMemphis
D. T. Holmes1871Little RockIndian Mission
D. T. Holmes1890Little RockNorthwest Texas
J. P. Holmes1886Little RockNorthwest Texas
John P. Holmes1860FloridaWachita
J. W. Holt1888TexasWest Texas
J. W. Holt1891West TexasTexas
Richard P. Holt1846St LouisMissouri
S. W. Holt1888TexasWest Texas
J. C. Hooks1892White RiverMemphis
I. S. Hopkins1878AlabamaNorth Georgia
Isaac S. Hopkins1867North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Isaac S. Hopkins1875North GeorgiaAlabama
L. S. Hopkins1874South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
William H. Hopkins1871VirginiaSt Louis
W. W. Hopper1885MississippiEast Texas
W. W. Hopper1888East TexasMississippi
Jesse Hord1859TexasRio Grande
G. W. Horn1872West St LouisMissouri
G. W. Horn1881North TexasSouthwest Missouri
G. W. Horn1883Southwest MissouriDenver
G. W. Horn1884DenverSouthwest Missouri
J. W. Horn1888North TexasTexas
W. W. Horner1890North TexasTexas
Hamilton G. Horton1858GeorgiaRio Grande
E. E. Hoss1872HolstonPacific
E. E. Hoss1875PacificBaltimore
Edward Hotchkiss1843MaineGenesee
M. S. Hotchkiss1890TexasNorthwest Texas
A. E. Householder1884HolstonFlorida
A. L. Houston1891Southwest MissouriDenver
M. V. Howard1888PacificColumbia
W. H. Howard1883LouisvilleDenver
W. H. Howard1888PacificColumbia
H. D. Howell1872North MississippiLittle Rock
H. D. Howell1883North MississippiMississippi
J. W. Howell1891VirginiaSouthwest Missouri
R. W. Howerton1886MissouriDenver
R. H. Howren1874South GeorgiaFlorida
J. M. L. Hoyle1883Southwest MissouriMissouri
M. H. Hoyle1870South CarolinaNorth Carolina
Samuel V. Hoyle1872BaltimoreNorth Carolina
Thomas L. Hoyle1852VirginiaSt Louis
Thomas L. Hoyle1853St LouisVirginia
B. H. Hubbard1844MemphisTennessee
B. H. Hubbard1852TennesseeMemphis
J. C. Huckabee1870AlabamaTexas
F. S. Hudson1887North GeorgiaHolston
F. S. Hudson1888HolstonNorth Georgia
Andrew J . Hughes1873North GeorgiaArkansas
Jacob S. Hughes1845TennesseeAlabama
Robinson H. Hughes1873North GeorgiaArkansas
W. H. Hughes1883North TexasTennessee
W. H. Hughes1884TennesseeNorth Texas
William H. Hughes1868North TexasTennessee
Henry J. Hulsey1859TennesseeArkansas
Henry J. Hulsey1860ArkansasTennessee
Frederick Humphreys1842OhioOneida
J. V. Humphreys1886MissouriDenver
J. V. E. Humphreys1888DenverMissouri
Archibald L. Hunsaker1875MemphisPacific
M. J. Hunt1891Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
J. H. Hunter1889North MississippiWhite River
J. H. Hunter1890White RiverNorthwest Texas
J. W. Hunter1886LouisvilleIllinois
John Hunter1847AlabamaMemphis
R. S. Hunter1874Little RockArkansas
R. S. Hunter1881ArkansasSouthwest Missouri
Robert S. Hunter1867TennesseeLittle Rock
Thomas Hurlbert1851St LouisCanada
William R. J. Husbands1860TennesseeArkansas
William R. J. Husbands1861WachitaTennessee
J. B. Husted1845New EnglandProvidence
Thomas J. Hutson1869MississippiNorthwest Texas
J. S. Hutton1877MississippiLos Angeles
J. C. Hyden1871HolstonWestern
J. C. Hyden1875WesternPacific
J. A. Hyder1886MissouriEast Texas
J. A. Hyder1888Northwest TexasSt Louis
J. A. Hyder1891St LouisMissouri
William Hyer1853MemphisMississippi
R. G. Isbell1890AlabamaEast Columbia
G. W. Ivey1890North CarolinaWestern North Carolina