Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
Samuel J. Hawkins1866LouisianaEast Texas
W. P. Hawkins1889North AlabamaFlorida
S. R. Hay1890North TexasNorthwest Texas
S. R. Hay1892Northwest TexasDenver
William Hay1881MemphisNorth Texas
R. F. Hayes1873LouisvilleIllinois
R. F. Hayes1878IllinoisLouisville
Thomas W. Hayes1860GeorgiaWachita
W. C. Hayes1875LouisvilleKentucky
W. C. Hayes1877KentuckyLouisville
W. M. Hayes1892South GeorgiaEast Texas
A. G. Haygood1889North GeorgiaNorth Alabama
John M. Haynes1876TennesseeArkansas
Thornton P. Haynes1874TennesseeColumbia
Charles L. Hays1857AlabamaGeorgia
G. L. Hays1856GeorgiaAlabama
James Healey1889MississippiLos Angeles
J. A. Heard1885MemphisNorth Alabama
James A. Heard1869MobileMemphis
Thomas A. Hearn1889TennesseeLittle Rock
W. C. Hearn1868MobileLittle Rock
W. C. Hearn1874Little RockDenver
W. C. Hearn1875DenverNorth Alabama
D. S. Hearon1872HolstonWestern
D. S. Hearon1873WesternNorth Mississippi
Daniel S. Hearon1875North MississippiHolston
N. P. Heath1844IllinoisRock River
C. E. Hedgepeth1882WesternMissouri
Henry H. Hedgepeth1858MissouriKansas
Thomas R. Hedgepeth1872WesternMissouri
L. J. Hedgpeth1875PacificLos Angeles
W. G. Heffley1884North TexasMemphis
W. G. Heffly1883MemphisNorth Texas
R. T. Heflin1863ArkansasTexas
J. W. Heidt1885North GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
J. W. Heidt1890Northwest TexasNorth Georgia
H. W. Hemminghouse1844IllinoisMissouri
H. A. M. Henderson1879KentuckyPacific
H. A. M. Henderson1881KentuckyMissouri
Howard Henderson1857KentuckyAlabama
J. A. Henderson1870LouisvilleKentucky
J. F. Henderson1873South GeorgiaArkansas
P. L. Henderson1868KentuckyLouisville
Philip L. Henderson1860TennesseeLouisiana
Philip L. Henderson1868LouisvilleSt Louis
Philip L. Henderson1870TennesseeNorth Alabama
W. W. Henderson1882TexasNorthwest Texas
A. F. Hendrix1883MemphisNorth Texas
E. R. Hendrix1870WesternMissouri
Moses M. Henkle1846KentuckyTennessee
Daniel D. Henry1859GeorgiaFlorida
N. B. Henry1892DenverSouthwest Missouri
P. H. Hensch1886LouisianaGerman Mission
C. M. Hensley1882TennesseeSt Louis
C. M. Hensley1888St LouisNorth Alabama
E. H. Herman1888FloridaTexas
James A. Herman1874TennesseeSt Louis
I. W. Hickam1889HolstonSt Louis
Joseph M. P. Hickerson1861TennesseeArkansas
R. M. Hickey1878HolstonNorth Georgia
R. M. Hickey1882North GeorgiaHolston
I. B. Hickman1891ArkansasIndian Mission
E. Hicks1873MississippiSt Louis
Irl B. Hicks1871North MississippiSt Louis
Isaac L. Hicks1854MemphisArkansas
L. G. Hicks1864KentuckyLouisville
Lewis G. Hicks1847AlabamaKentucky
S. P. Hicks1869ArkansasIndian Mission
S. P. Hicks1874Indian MissionArkansas
W. W. Hicks1870FloridaSouth Georgia
W. W. Hicks1872South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
W. Watkin Hicks1874North GeorgiaFlorida
J. P. Hilburn1883White RiverSt Louis
Caleb J. Hill1852West VirginiaKentucky
F. R. Hill1880AlabamaLouisiana
F. R. Hill1886AlabamaSt Louis
Felix R. Hill1884LouisianaSt Louis
G. M. Hill1890White RiverLittle Rock
H. D. Hill1880North AlabamaAlabama
J. J. Hill1887Southwest MissouriDenver
Joseph J. Hill1848KentuckyTennessee
Joseph J. Hill1849TennesseeKentucky
T. P. Hill1892Southwest MissouriSt Louis
S. H. Hilliard1890HolstonWestern North Carolina
G. O. Hilton1871IllinoisWestern
D. L. Hines1883MemphisNorth Texas
Thomas W. Hines1866MississippiTexas
Alexander Hinkle1851TennesseeEast Texas
James W. Hinton1867North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Leroy Hirshburg1881IndianaLouisville
J. M. Hively1892ArkansasIndian Mission
J. R. Hixon1884HolstonLos Angeles
Preston W. Hobbs1856East TexasTexas
F. G. Hocutt1873North MississippiNorthwest Texas
E. T. Hodges1887South CarolinaLos Angeles
E. T. Hodges1889Los AngelesSouth Carolina
H. A. Hodges1884DenverSouth Georgia
W . H. Hodges1892East Columbia South Carolina
W. H. Hodges1891South CarolinaEast Columbia
F. Hodgson1845New YorkPhiladelphia