Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
Noel R. Hamer1886North MississippiFlorida
John L. Hamil1852East TexasLouisiana
John N. Hamil1851LouisianaEast Texas
John N. Hamill1858East TexasIndian Mission
W. A. Hamill1842MemphisArkansas
A. L. Hamilton1849VirginiaSt Louis
E. E. Hamilton1876MississippiMemphis
E. E. Hamilton1876North MississippiMemphis
J. M. C. Hamilton1881Indian MissionArkansas
Jefferson Hamilton1872AlabamaNorth Alabama
Jefferson Hamilton1873North AlabamaAlabama
S. H. Hamilton1889St LouisNorth Alabama
W. P. Hamilton1889MemphisArkansas
F. E. Hammond1891TexasNorthwest Texas
J. D. Hammond1888St LouisMissouri
William G. Hammond1867VirginiaBaltimore
W. F. Hamner1891MemphisBaltimore
G. M. F. Hampton1892West VirginiaKentucky
J. W. Hampton1889West TexasNorthwest Texas
John W. Hampton1889West VirginiaWest Texas
John N. Handlin1877TennesseeArkansas
Henry Hanesworth1872TennesseeSt Louis
F. Haney1844IllinoisRock River
Jehu Hank1866West VirginiaBaltimore
Josiah D. Hank1866West VirginiaVirginia
William A. Hanna1878WesternMissouri
J. W., Jr. Hanner1882TennesseeFlorida
J. W., Jr. Hanner1887FloridaTennessee
John Hannon1872VirginiaBaltimore
John Hannon1877BaltimoreLouisiana
John Hannon1887VirginiaPacific
John W. Hannon1880LouisianaVirginia
J. Haralson1884ArkansasLos Angeles
Jerome Haralson1871White RiverArkansas
Jerome Haralson1885Los AngelesNorthwest Texas
T. B. Harben1867South GeorgiaIllinois
G. W. Hardaway1872North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
G. W. Hardaway1873South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
T. F. Hardin1886AlabamaNorth Alabama
T. W. Hardin1891North AlabamaMemphis
G. C. Hardy1886East TexasNorth Texas
Samuel G. Hare1845BaltimorePhiladelphia
Walter Hare1844OneidaRock River
S. H. Hargis1852LouisvilleWest Virginia
R. K. Hargrove1867MobileKentucky
R. K. Hargrove1868KentuckyTennessee
V. V. Harlan1876North GeorgiaArkansas
William T. Harlow1842HolstonProvidence
C. G. Harmon1891South CarolinaColumbia
E. H. Harmon1881South GeorgiaFlorida
J. W. Harmon1868MobileMississippi
James A. Harmon1890Los AngelesSouth Carolina
John W. Harmon1881LouisianaMississippi
John W. Harmon1882LouisianaMississippi
R. J. Harp1846MemphisLouisiana
Enoch Harper1872TennesseeIllinois
R. L. Harper1868South CarolinaMemphis
John Harrell1850ArkansasIndian Mission
Andrew S. Harris1849AlabamaEast Texas
H. J. Harris1879MississippiNorth Texas
H. J. Harris1883North TexasMississippi
H. T. Harris1885Southwest MissouriSt Louis
H. T. Harris1886St LouisWest Texas
J. B. Harris1868MemphisIllinois
J. B. Harris1876IllinoisNorth Texas
J. B. Harris1882North TexasNorth Mississippi
J. C. C. Harris1879North CarolinaPacific
J. J. Harris1883North GeorgiaNorthwest Texas
James Harris1845GeorgiaFlorida
John H. Harris1868South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
New Harris1889MemphisWest Texas
Philemon C. Harris1859GeorgiaWachita
Philemon C. Harris1861WachitaGeorgia
Robert H. Harris1873AlabamaNorth Alabama
W. A. Harris1866HolstonBaltimore
Williamson Harris1875BaltimoreDenver
E. R. Harrison1880Little RockArkansas
L. N. Harrison1890ArkansasNorth Texas
L. W. Harrison1880Northwest TexasArkansas
W. P. Harrison1867South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
W. P. Harrison1878North GeorgiaBaltimore
W. P. Harrison1886BaltimoreSouth Georgia
William P. Harrison1867North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
E. T. Hart1878TennesseeMemphis
Edwin T. Hart1854TennesseeMemphis
F. L. Hartin1878South CarolinaArkansas
T. V. L. Harvey1874Southwest MissouriSt Louis
George W. Harwell1858East TexasRio Grande
J. H. Harwell1889HolstonBrazil Mission
John R. Harwell1859TennesseeFlorida
Orin Hatch1843North OhioTexas
William H. Hatch1843New HampshireNew England
Samuel Hawes1848MississippiLouisiana
Arthur Hawkins1857St LouisKansas
G. Hawkins1871North AlabamaAlabama
G. Hawkins1882AlabamaMississippi
John K. Hawkins1842MemphisMissouri
Jonathan K. Hawkins1846St LouisMissouri
M. M. Hawkins1891Southwest MissouriNorth Alabama
Milton M. Hawkins1870North AlabamaMissouri