Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
Philo M. Goodwyn1846MississippiLouisiana
B. F. Gosling1886KentuckyWest Virginia
William G. Gould1847LouisianaTennessee
C. N. Goulder1888MemphisPacific
W. T. Goulder1888MemphisMontana
Dixon F. Gouley1870St LouisWestern
F. M. Grace1867MobileHolston
F. M. Grace1879LouisianaHolston
F. M. Grace1879North AlabamaHolston
F. M. Grace1883HolstonLouisiana
F. M. Grace1890LouisianaHolston
A. Graham1856PacificFlorida
A. Graham1858FloridaGeorgia
Alexander Graham1852FloridaPacific
Alexander Graham1863ArkansasFlorida
J. T. Graham1877MississippiLouisiana
J. T. Graham1879LouisianaMississippi
T. A. Graham1868Little RockArkansas
T. A. Graham1878ArkansasWest Texas
Thomas Graham1871White RiverArkansas
Thomas A. Graham1879West TexasArkansas
W. W. Graham1880AlabamaLittle Rock
W. W. Graham1883Little RockTexas
W. W. Graham1888TexasNorth Texas
J. W. Graig1869ColumbiaPacific
H. M. Granade1879ArkansasIndian Mission
J. Grant1873ArkansasNorth Texas
James Grant1863ArkansasTexas
James Grant1874North TexasNorthwest Texas
Harrison A. Graves1859TennesseeTexas
Seaborn J. Graves1871LouisianaTexas
E. A. Gray1887Indian MissionNorth Georgia
George T. Gray1876HolstonWestern
Marcus L. Gray1877MissouriWestern
J. S. J. Grdley1844New HampshireNew England
B. H. Greathouse1882ArkansasIndian Mission
B. H. Greathouse1883Indian MissionArkansas
B. H. Greathouse1891ArkansasTexas
A. L. P., Jr. Green1867Northwest TexasTexas
B. H. Green1891North GeorgiaPacific
L. A. Green1891North GeorgiaPacific
L. H. Green1889South GeorgiaNorth Alabama
L. H. Green1891North AlabamaNorth Georgia
J. A. Greening1883IllinoisSouthwest Missouri
J. A. Greening1890Southwest MissouriWest Texas
Josiah R. Greer1857MemphisWachita
C. H. Gregory1887ArkansasWhite River
C. H. Gregory1890White RiverNew Mexico
C. H. Gregory1891North TexasNorthwest Texas
C. H. Gregory1891East TexasWhite River
C. H. Gregory1892White RiverArkansas
Charles H. Gregory1859St LouisMemphis
Robert Gregory1844ArkansasMemphis
S. H. Gregory1891LouisvilleIllinois
Lewis H. Greybill1870VirginiaBaltimore
A. L. Gribble1878East TexasNorthwest Texas
A. L. Gribble1878MissouriWest Texas
A. L. Gribble1878West TexasEast Texas
Cyprian Gridley1846MississippiLouisiana
Cyprian Gridley1851LouisianaCalifornia
G. J. Griffeths1874South CarolinaSouth Georgia
Hugh Griffin1875Northwest TexasLos Angeles
Hugh Griffin1876Los AngelesNorthwest Texas
Jesse Griffin1870ArkansasWhite River
Jesse Griffin1871White RiverArkansas
Reuben A. Griffin1845GeorgiaFlorida
Benjamin T. Griffith1844North IndianaIndiana
J. R. Griffith1887North CarolinaVirginia
W. L. Griffith1884North TexasWest Texas
F. A. Griffiths1872South CarolinaBaltimore
George J. Grifliiths1880South GeorgiaSouth Carolina
Frank A. Grimes1890Southwest MissouriMissouri
S. W. Grimes1891Central Mexican Mission Mexican Border Mission
W. L. Grissom1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
J. M. Gross1880HolstonWestern
J. M. Gross1891WesternIndian Mission
John Gross1852TennesseeAlabama
William M. Grrubbs1845IllinoisKentucky
B. J. Guess1887South CarolinaTexas
Andrew Gumming1848Indian MissionEast Texas
J. V. Guthrie1881LouisvilleIndiana
Robert Guthrie1844MemphisTexas
T. W. Guthrie1892Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
J. H. Hagar1874KentuckyWest Virginia
J. H. Hager1885West VirginiaMissouri
David J. Hagerman1879LouisvilleIndiana
D. P. Haggard1881North TexasNorthwest Texas
W. T. Haggard1889TennesseeColumbia
William C. Haislip1858TennesseeWachita
William C. Haislip1871LouisianaNorth Texas
S. E. Hale1867MississippiNorthwest Texas
J. F. Hall1870Little RockArkansas
J. R. Hall1866St LouisKentucky
John H. Hall1872ArkansasWhite River
S. X. Hall1884KentuckyLouisville
T. E. Hall1879MemphisIllinois
N. P. Halsey1867MissouriIllinois
Amos B. Haltom1890MemphisSt Louis
N. R. Hamer1878North MississippiWest Virginia
N. R. Hamer1881North MississippiWest Virginia