Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
W. A. Freeman1886DenverMemphis
Leonard S. Friend1847TexasTexas
E. T. R. Frippe1865South CarolinaRio Grande
W. H. Frost1860MemphisLouisiana
Wade H. Frost1866LouisianaMemphis
W. Full1879IllinoisSt Louis
W. Full1889St LouisNorth Texas
Webster Full1890North TexasIndian Mission
D. F. Fuller1889North TexasLos Angeles
James M. Fuller1843New HampshireGenesee
Charles A. Fulwood1871South GeorgiaFlorida
J. L. Futrell1889North MississippiIndian Mission
J. L. Futrell1890Indian MissionColumbia
James L. Futrell1870MemphisNorth Mississippi
N. Futrell1872ArkansasMemphis
N. Futrell1875PacificMemphis
N. Futrell1883MemphisWhite River
James Gaines1853TennesseeMemphis
S. D. Gaines1871HolstonArkansas
S. D. Gaines1872ArkansasKentucky
S. D. Gaines1874KentuckyHolston
A. T. Galloway1884LouisianaLittle Rock
A. T. Galloway1886Little RockLouisiana
A. T. Galloway1889LouisianaLittle Rock
A. T. Galloway1891Little RockWest Texas
C. B. Galloway1870North MississippiMississippi
E. B. Galloway1889LouisianaLittle Rock
E. B. Galloway1891Little RockLouisiana
E. B. Galloway1892LouisvilleWest Texas
James M. Gann1870North AlabamaMississippi
G. M. Gardner1892TennesseeWest Texas
George E. Gardner1870South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
W. R. Gardner1870MemphisLittle Rock
W. R. Gardner1882White RiverArkansas
J. H. Garrett1878IllinoisTennessee
John H. Garrett1870MemphisIllinois
John H. Garrett1880TennesseeMemphis
E. A. Garrison1888Southwest MissouriDenver
H. Y. Garrison1842TennesseeAlabama
J. A. Garrison1878IllinoisSouthwest Missouri
S. S. Gasque1891FloridaWestern North Carolina
B. J. Gaston1873North AlabamaTennessee
John Gaston1874WesternSt Louis
Paul C. Gaston1874TennesseeSt Louis
F. Gates1856GeorgiaFlorida
James E. Gay1882White RiverNorth Carolina
R. D. Gentry1874South GeorgiaFlorida
William E. George1858East TexasTexas
W. F. Gibbons1891West TexasTexas
George H. Gibbs1889TennesseeColumbia
A. W. Gibson1884North MississippiNorth Texas
J. G. Gibson1878North AlabamaTennessee
T. F. Gibson1890HolstonWestern North Carolina
K. A. Giddens1871North GeorgiaHolston
W. H. Gilbert1884TennesseeDenver
W. H. Gilbert1886DenverTennessee
J. H. M. Giles1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
William T. Gill1881TennesseeSouthwest Missouri
C. C. Gillespie1854AlabamaTexas
C. C. Gillespie1858East TexasLouisiana
L. D. Gillespie1890HolstonNorth Carolina
W. H. Gillespie1852MemphisArkansas
William H. Gillespie1854ArkansasMemphis
William H. Gilliam1854WachitaArkansas
G. W. Gilmore1874LouisvilleIllinois
T. G. Gilmore1851AlabamaLouisiana
Thomas G. Gilmore1852LouisianaTexas
J. W. F. Gilreath1891North GeorgiaPacific
J. W. F. Gilreath1892PacificNorth Georgia
J. H. Glanville1885Southwest MissouriDenver
J. H. Glanville1892Southwest MissouriMissouri
H. M. Glass1869TexasNorthwest Texas
H. M. Glass1882Northeast TexasTexas
H. M. Glass1883TexasNorthwest Texas
J. P. Glass1873North AlabamaIllinois
N. Z. Glenn1877North GeorgiaFlorida
N. Z. Glenn1878FloridaNorth Georgia
W. F. Glenn1870MississippiNorth Georgia
W. R. Gober1852LouisianaPacific
J. Godbey1887LouisvilleIllinois
J. Godbey1889IllinoisNorth Texas
J. E. Godbey1890St LouisSouthwest Missouri
J. M. Godbey1890White RiverArkansas
J. R. Godbey1888LouisvilleIllinois
J., Jr. Godbey1881Southwest MissouriWest Texas
Josiah Godbey1877LouisvilleDenver
Josiah Godbey1878DenverLouisville
S. M. Godbey1882Southwest MissouriPacific
S. M. Godbey1890PacificWhite River
S. M. Godbey1892ArkansasTexas
W. C. Godbey1872St LouisWest St Louis
C. W. Godwin1888North CarolinaWest Texas
J. F. Goldman1889North AlabamaSt Louis
J. W. Gooch1879North MississippiMemphis
T. J. Gooch1868MemphisMissouri
Thomas J. Gooch1866MontgomeryMemphis
William H. Goode1843IndianaArkansas
A. T. Goodloe1869ArkansasTennessee
Joseph Goodman1842VirginiaNorth Carolina
A. E. Goodwyn1877LouisianaTexas