Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
James E. Ferguson1846ArkansasTexas
Thomas B. Ferguson1859Rio GrandeTexas
William J. Ferguson1849KentuckyLouisiana
B. G. Ferrell1870North AlabamaTennessee
A. P. Few1887Little RockPacific
Benjamin A. Few1887ArkansasLittle Rock
Mellville C. Field1875TexasPacific
Staunton Field1852VirginiaWest Virginia
B. W. Fielder1888HolstonWestern
B. W. Fielder1890WesternSouthwest Missouri
Matthew H. Fielding1870South GeorgiaLittle Rock
John W. Fields1844KentuckyTexas
John W. Fields1867North TexasEast Texas
John W. Fields1869East TexasNorth Texas
M. C. Fields1878North CarolinaPacific
Walker K. Finer1883North TexasLouisville
J. Finger1870North CarolinaSouth Carolina
J. T. Finlayson1891Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
E. C. Finley1881East TexasTexas
E. C. Finley1888St LouisMontana
E. C. Finley1890MontanaSt Louis
E. C. Finley1892St LouisMissouri
I. R. Finley1867BaltimoreMemphis
I. Randolph Finley1867MemphisBaltimore
Isham R. Finley1851LouisvilleTennessee
J. F. G. Finley1885North TexasLos Angeles
J. R. Finley1846KentuckyLouisville
James C. Finley1845IllinoisRock River
R. S. Finley1854AlabamaTexas
R. S. Finley1869East TexasNorth Texas
Robert S. Finley1855TexasEast Texas
Robert S. Finley1872North TexasEast Texas
W. A. Finley1872ColumbiaPacific
William Finn1846LouisvilleArkansas
J. F. Finnell1868VirginiaBaltimore
J. F. Finnell1869BaltimoreVirginia
P. H. Fishburn1874KentuckyVirginia
P. H. Fishburne1871KentuckyWest Virginia
P. H. Fishburne1872West VirginiaKentucky
P. H. Fishburne1878VirginiaBaltimore
P. H. Fishburne1880Indian MissionNorthwest Texas
P. H. Fishburne1882Northeast TexasHolston
James L. Fisher1858VirginiaNorth Carolina
O. Fisher1848TexasEast Texas
O. Fisher1870PacificTexas
O. Fisher1875TexasNorthwest Texas
Orceneth Fisher1877Northwest TexasTexas
Orcenith Fisher1849East TexasTexas
Oscar P. Fitzgerald1855GeorgiaPacific
J. B. Fitzpatrick1874BaltimoreFlorida
N. B. Fizer1876North MississippiWhite River
N. B. Fizer1884North MississippiWhite River
H. C. Fleenor1888St LouisMontana
G. W. Fleming1866West TexasTexas
G. W. Fleming1869TexasPacific
R. W. Flournoy1872South GeorgiaLouisiana
R. W. Flournoy1874LouisianaNorthwest Texas
Robert W. Flournoy1871South GeorgiaArkansas
T. W. Flowers1871MississippiWestern
A. B. Fly1857MemphisLouisiana
A. B. Fly1870MemphisNorth Mississippi
David W. Fly1851MississippiTexas
David W. Fly1859Rio GrandeTexas
M. D. Fly1872MemphisNorthwest Texas
M. D. T. Fly1857MemphisLouisiana
J. M. Follansbee1885West VirginiaBaltimore
James M. Follansbee1878BaltimoreWest Virginia
J. F. Follin1879BaltimoreNorthwest Texas
J. F. Follin1892TexasLittle Rock
J. W. Folsom1883South GeorgiaPacific
R. E. L. Folsom1883South GeorgiaColumbia
C. B. Fontaine1888West VirginiaArkansas
J. J. Fontaine1881North MississippiWest Virginia
William G. Foote1853VirginiaTexas
C. H. Ford1873ArkansasWhite River
C. H. Ford1879White RiverFlorida
James D. Forkner1885North CarolinaVirginia
James L. Forsyth1844MissouriMississippi
A. J. Foster1878HolstonNorth Mississippi
F. X. Foster1866MontgomeryMississippi
F. X. Foster1868MississippiMissouri
T. H. Foster1854AlabamaLouisiana
Thomas L. Foster1867MemphisIllinois
William R. Foster1870ArkansasWhite River
Enos B. Foust1872North MississippiLouisiana
C. J. Fowler1890TennesseeNorth Texas
J. W. Foy1890North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Miles Foy1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
Robert N. Francis1871White RiverArkansas
R. P. Franks1870North CarolinaSouth Carolina
S. J. Franks1882TexasNorthwest Texas
Calvin A. Frazee1849MississippiLouisiana
H. B. Frazee1875Little RockFlorida
Henry B. Frazee1869MemphisLittle Rock
Henry B. Frazee1869MissouriMemphis
E. G. Frazier1874WesternSouthwest Missouri
J. S. Frazier1883St LouisMissouri
George T. Freeman1878LouisianaWest Texas
S. Freeman1842MemphisArkansas
W. A. Freeman1881MemphisDenver