Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
W. F. Easterling1872LouisianaNorth Texas
W. F. Easterling1872East TexasNorth Texas
Charles B. Eastman1851AlabamaTennessee
Isaac Ebbert1845KentuckyMissouri
Isaac Ebbert1871North MississippiLittle Rock
Herman Eber1871LouisianaVirginia
Herman Ebers1873VirginiaTexas
Leollin Eddings1843IllinoisMissouri
C. C. Edington1892BaltimoreLos Angeles
H. C. Edmondson1892North MississippiWhite River
W. E. Edmonson1889North CarolinaPacific
W. E. Edmonson1892PacificNorth Carolina
D. M. Edwards1891North GeorgiaPacific
F. M. Edwards1891North CarolinaVirginia
G. M. Edwards1883MissouriNorth Texas
J. D. Edwards1888ArkansasIndian Mission
John E. Edwards1845North CarolinaVirginia
Joseph J. Edwards1871BaltimoreVirginia
Josephus Edwards1889MemphisIndian Mission
P. A. Edwards1892LouisvilleNorthwest Texas
W. A. Edwards1875AlabamaNorth Texas
J. E. Eggleston1879North MississippiNorthwest Texas
J. E. Eggleston1880Northwest TexasNorth Mississippi
A. M. Elam1884ArkansasIndian Mission
A. M. Elam1885Indian MissionArkansas
F. H. C. Elliott1889TexasDenver
C. H. Ellis1874White RiverNorthwest Texas
C. H. Ellis1890Northwest TexasEast Texas
Cyrus H. Ellis1869North GeorgiaArkansas
Frederick R. C. Ellis1868FloridaSouth Georgia
Henry J . Ellis1870North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Henry J. Ellis1872South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
J. W. Ellis1854East TexasAlabama
J. W., Sr. Ellis1854AlabamaPacific
John A. Ellis1866TennesseeMississippi
John W., Sr. Ellis1853AlabamaEast Texas
L. B. Ellis1890St LouisNew Mexico
Louis B. Ellis1866St LouisEast Texas
R. A. Ellis1891North MississippiTexas
Reubin Ellis1844TennesseeMemphis
S. A. Ellis1875TennesseeNorth Mississippi
William H. Ellison1854GeorgiaAlabama
T. C. Ely1889North TexasIndian Mission
G. T. Embry1864GeorgiaFlorida
George T. Embry1867North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Amos Emerson1871IllinoisWestern
Joseph Emery1867PacificColumbia
C. A. Emmons1882North TexasWestern
Joseph Emory1889ColumbiaPacific
S. W. Emory1892West VirginiaSt Louis
J. M. England1886ArkansasSt Louis
J. M. England1889St LouisArkansas
F. M. English1868MemphisIllinois
Francis M. English1848LouisvilleKentucky
L. Ercanbrack1866MississippiTexas
Abner Ervin1850South CarolinaNorth Carolina
A. Erwin1851North CarolinaSouth Carolina
Marcus A. Erwin1879TennesseeNorth Alabama
Ignacio Escalante1891Northwest Mexican MissionMexican Border Mission
W. T. Etheredge1891South GeorgiaLos Angeles
H. M. Eure1889North CarolinaSt Louis
C. A. Evans1891TexasNorthwest Texas
C. F. Evans1874LouisianaLittle Rock
C. F. Evans1882Little RockLouisiana
Charles F. Evans1865MississippiLouisiana
Charles F. Evans1892LouisvilleMississippi
E. B. Evans1876LouisvilleIllinois
E. N. Evans1888North TexasLittle Rock
G. W. Evans1872WesternArkansas
George W. Evans1870Little RockWestern
J. F. Evans1874AlabamaNorth Mississippi
James E. Evans1872South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
Morris Evans1852LouisvillePacific
Morris Evans1890KentuckyBaltimore
Morris Evans1891North TexasNorthwest Texas
Morris Evans1892BaltimoreNorth Texas
Samuel D. Evans1873North GeorgiaWestern
W. E. Evans1872BaltimoreVirginia
W. H. Evans1892MemphisSt Louis
William E. Evans1873VirginiaBaltimore
H. P. Everett1884East TexasNorth Texas
Christian Evers1875VirginiaGerman Mission
A. J. Ewing1881LouisvilleIllinois
Young Ewing1848TennesseeArkansas
Young Ewing1855ArkansasIndian Mission
Young Ewing1884Indian MissionArkansas
Young Ewing1885ArkansasIndian Mission
R. P. Fain1888South GeorgiaMexican Border Mission
Alexander Falconer1875MissouriWestern
A. R. Faris1885TennesseeSouthwest Missouri
W. J. Mc Farland1856MemphisWachita
C. L. Farrington1870AlabamaTexas
F. O. Faver1885North GeorgiaTexas
Francis M. Featherston1865MississippiTennessee
F. M. Featherstun1879MississippiPacific
H. W. Featherstun1876MississippiLos Angeles
L. R. Featherstun1879MississippiLos Angeles
S. A. Feltner1871TennesseeLouisville
S. A. Feltner1877LouisvilleIllinois
Frederick G. Ferguson1846TennesseeAlabama