Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
J. F. Denton1875North TexasWest Texas
J. L. Denton1862ArkansasMemphis
J. L. Denton1869Little RockArkansas
J. P. DePass1866South CarolinaFlorida
W. A. Derrick1884ArkansasSouthwest Missouri
W. A. Derrick1887Southwest MissouriNorth Texas
W. S. Derrick1872ArkansasIndian Mission
John W. Devilbliss1842OhioTexas
John F. DeWitt1860LouisvilleLouisiana
E. Dickens1882TennesseeArkansas
D. H. Dickey1886HolstonNorthwest Texas
J. P. Dickey1883Little RockWestern
J. P. Dickey1890WesternHolston
J. W. Dickinson1882TexasNorthwest Texas
John P. Dickinson1857GeorgiaAlabama
S. H. Dimon1878North GeorgiaFlorida
S. H. Dimon1879FloridaNorth Georgia
S. H. Dimon1891North AlabamaLos Angeles
Joseph Dines1857St LouisMissouri
Joseph Dines1881MissouriSt Louis
Tyson Dines1847MissouriIndian Mission
Tyson Dines1848Indian MissionMissouri
A. G. Dinwiddle1887TennesseeMissouri
J. Ditzler1867St LouisLouisville
J. Ditzler1870LouisvilleKentucky
J. Ditzler1879MissouriIndiana
Jacob Ditzler1855KentuckySt Louis
Jacob Ditzler1873KentuckyWest St Louis
J. R. Divelbiss1892MissouriIndian Mission
B. F. Dixon1870South CarolinaNorth Carolina
W. P. Doane1876HolstonWest Texas
William T. Doane1878West TexasHolston
W. J. Dodson1871White RiverArkansas
J. Dodwell1892St LouisFlorida
Charles H. Doering1843New YorkPittsburgh
Charles H. Doering1844PittsburghOhio
Cyrus Doggett1867VirginiaMissouri
W. A. Dollar1880North MississippiWhite River
W. D. Dominick1886Northwest TexasMississippi
William D. Dominick1884MississippiNorthwest Texas
A. B. Donaldson1886IllinoisSouthwest Missouri
W. W. Dorman1890North MississippiNorth Alabama
J. D. Dorsey1887North GeorgiaPacific
Lowndes A. Dorsey1886South GeorgiaNorth Alabama
Joseph E. Douglas1843HolstonTennessee
S. P. Douglas1892Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
J. E. Douglass1842TennesseeHolston
J. P. Douglass1892North CarolinaWestern North Carolina
Joseph E. Douglass1848TennesseeMemphis
J. H. Douthett1869LouisvilleIllinois
C. H. Dowell1877LouisvilleIllinois
C. H. Dowell1881IndianaWest Virginia
M. J. Dowell1892South GeorgiaFlorida
W. J. Dowell1891FloridaSouth Georgia
Z. A. Dowling1886AlabamaNorth Alabama
C. E. Dowman1886FloridaNorth Georgia
C. E. Dowman1890North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
C. K. Dowman1874North GeorgiaFlorida
Willis M. Doyle1874TennesseeColumbia
Albritton W. C. Drake1860LouisvilleArkansas
Henry E. Dreyer1845OhioIllinois
H. M. DuBose1881MississippiTexas
H. M. DuBose1886TexasEast Texas
H. M. DuBose1888East TexasLos Angeles
N. A. Duckett1875Northwest TexasEast Texas
O. H. Duggan1887St LouisLos Angeles
Thomas L. Duke1867MemphisIllinois
Thomas L. Duke1876DenverPacific
Thomas L. Duke1877DenverPacific
J. H. Dulany1867KentuckyBaltimore
W. Dunbar1884FloridaNorth Georgia
E. B. Duncan1857Indian MissionFlorida
E. B. Duncan1858FloridaTennessee
E. B. Duncan1872FloridaBaltimore
E. B. Duncan1875BaltimoreFlorida
Erastus B. Duncan1850Indian MissionArkansas
Erastus B. Duncan1851ArkansasIndian Mission
Erastus B. Duncan1865TennesseeFlorida
J. A. Duncan1891VirginiaDenver
J. T. Duncan1884TennesseeFlorida
John C. Duncan1871West St LouisSt Louis
John P. Duncan1868South GeorgiaNorth Georgia
John T. Duncan1877TennesseeFlorida
P. W. Duncan1866MissouriSt Louis
William W. Duncan1875VirginiaSouth Carolina
George W. Dungan1859LouisvilleArkansas
George W. Dungan1860ArkansasLouisville
Robert R. Dunlap1847St LouisMissouri
W. C. Dunlap1868North GeorgiaWest Texas
W. C. Dunlap1869West TexasNorth Georgia
M. M. Dunn1884North MississippiNorth Texas
W. C. Dunn1884Little RockLouisville
R. A. Durham1887Mexican Border Mission Texas
T. W. Dye1887North MississippiFlorida
T. W. Dye1888FloridaNorth Mississippi
John R. Eads1858KentuckyTexas
John R. Eads1860St LouisKentucky
J. H. Early1887TennesseeSt Louis
W. F. Easterling1869FloridaLouisville
W. F. Easterling1872St LouisLouisiana