Methodist Conference Transfers 1842-1892

About this page: This lists transfers of ministers from one conference to another, currently inluding only Methodists, but may be expanded to include others if sources are found. This list may be helpful when tracking down a someone who served as a minister, where they transferred from, to, and when. Sources. See also: List of Religious Leaders; Conference Map

FirstLastYearFrom ConferenceTo Conference
H. W. Abbett1874KentuckyLouisville
H. W. Abbett1874LouisvilleKentucky
H. W. Abbett1875ArkansasKentucky
H. W. Abbett1878KentuckyWestern
D. F. Acosta1892Northwest Mexican MissionCentral Mexican Mission
James G. Acton1848MemphisTennessee
James G. Acton1863ArkansasSouth Carolina
J. B. Adair1886TexasNorthwest Texas
John B. Adair1883North MississippiTexas
R. H. Adair1875LouisianaNorthwest Texas
R. S. Adair1892AlabamaWest Texas
A. Adams1869MobilePacific
G. H. Adams1892St LouisNorth Texas
Harrison Z. Adams1844OhioTexas
Kinchen Adams1854VirginiaMemphis
Lewis Adams1850TennesseeMemphis
S. D. Adams1890Western North CarolinaNorth Carolina
Samuel L. Adams1855KentuckyLouisville
T. A. S. Adams1867MobileIllinois
T. A. S. Adams1870AlabamaNorth Mississippi
T. A. S. Adams1878North MississippiTennessee
T. A. S. Adams1879TennesseeNorth Mississippi
T. L. Adams1889MemphisNorth Texas
T. L. Adams1890North TexasNorthwest Texas
W. C. Adams1891Little RockWhite River
W. C. Adams1892White RiverLittle Rock
W. M. Adams1882North MississippiTexas
W. M. Adams1889North MississippiNorth Texas
W. M. Adams1890North TexasNorthwest Texas
J. H. Addison1867Northwest TexasTexas
Oscar M. Addison1847TexasTexas
J. W. Adkisson1873MissouriMississippi
J. W. Adkisson1891North TexasNorthwest Texas
James D. Adney1860ArkansasIndian Mission
J. W. Agee1879Southwest MissouriDenver
William Ahrens1844KentuckyGerman Mission
John C. L. Aiken1850AlabamaArkansas
Samuel D. Aikin1845KentuckyArkansas
S. D. Akin1867MississippiNorthwest Texas
Samuel D. Akin1846ArkansasIndian Mission
Samuel D. Akin1857LouisvilleLouisiana
Samuel D. Akin1858LouisianaLouisville
Alexander Albright1857MissouriTexas
Alexander Albright1859German Mission German Mission
Alexander Albright1860St LouisMissouri
Alexander Albright1870MissouriTexas
Benjamin F. Alexander1854LouisvilleLouisiana
George W. Alexander1862HolstonMississippi
Gross Alexander1884LouisvilleTennessee
J. M. Alexander1890TennesseeWest Texas
R. C. Alexander1863ArkansasLouisville
Robert R. R. Alexander1855LouisvilleLouisiana
S. Alexander1873MissouriHolston
W. F. Alexander1873LouisianaNorthwest Texas
W. F. Alexander1884LouisvilleFlorida
William F. Alexander1874Northwest TexasWest Texas
A. C. Allen1874North MississippiNorth Texas
D. J. Allen1859MemphisWachita
D. J. Allen1861WachitaMemphis
F. L. Allen1865GeorgiaTexas
G. B. Allen1873MemphisBaltimore
George B. Allen1866VirginiaMemphis
J. R. Allen1881Northwest TexasNorth Texas
J. W. B. Allen1872TexasNorthwest Texas
John R. Allen1875North MississippiNorth Texas
R. I. Allen1885North TexasLos Angeles
Robert I. Allen1883North MississippiNorth Texas
Robert T. P. Allen1842ErieKentucky
Robert T. P. Allen1857KentuckyTexas
A. A. Allison1882TennesseeNorthwest Texas
J. A. Allison1881North TexasDenver
J. A. Allison1888TennesseeDenver
J. B. Allison1879TennesseeNorthwest Texas
L. R. Allison1888North GeorgiaSouth Georgia
Robert Allyn1843New EnglandProvidence
R. B. Alston1871South CarolinaLittle Rock
T W. Alton1892Southwest MissouriMontana
A. J. Anderson1888MemphisTexas
H. L. Anderson1882WesternSouthwest Missouri
J. Anderson1875South GeorgiaWhite River
J. Anderson1875FloridaSouth Georgia
J. Anderson1875PacificMissouri
J. B. Anderson1888AlabamaFlorida
James A. Anderson1881Little RockWhite River
Josephus Anderson1886White RiverFlorida
T. H. B. Anderson1874PacificNorthwest Texas
T. H. B. Anderson1876Northwest TexasPacific
W. H. Anderson1869LouisvilleTennessee
W. H. Anderson1871North AlabamaLouisville
W. H. Anderson1876LouisvilleKentucky
W. W. Anderson1883ArkansasWhite River
William H. Anderson1854LouisvilleMissouri
A. L. Andrews1891North AlabamaAlabama
Allen S. Andrews1854North CarolinaAlabama
G. C. Andrews1864GeorgiaFlorida
R. L. Andrews1858MemphisTennessee
Robert L. Andrews1848TennesseeMemphis
W. F. Andrews1886AlabamaNorth Alabama
W. L. Andrews1882TexasNorthwest Texas
W. P. Andrews1877PacificMississippi