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List of Teachers; State: RI; County: Providence Co
Adelaide May 1909-1911RIProvidence CoProvidence, Technical High School
BotanyPaul 1924-1925RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
EnglishAmey Owen 1895-1902RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Bessie Warner 1909RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
Delbert Elvin 1910-1914RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Richard Fredrick 1919RIProvidence CoProvidence, Technical High School
Latin, GreekFrancis Niles 1917-1918RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Benjamin 1879-1881RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
EnglishArthur Channing 1885-1889RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Louise Stevens 1901-1902RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Philosophy, MathematicsGeorge Aaron 1884-1889RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Louise Snow Prosser 1881RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Natural ScienceThomas Jesse 1868RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Jesse Leander 1899RIProvidence CoProvidence, Hope Street High School
Nathan 1837-1838RIProvidence CoProvidence
George Miles 1897-1898RIProvidence CoProvidence
PianoLillian Peckham 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
Benjamin 1854-1855RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
Elizabeth Hale 1889-1891RIProvidence CoProvidence
Mabel 1887RIProvidence CoProvidence
Arthur Peyton 1892-1893RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Rufus Freeman 1855-1864RIProvidence CoProvidence
John Emerson 1900-1901RIProvidence CoProvidence
La Fayette 1848-1849RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
William Chamberlain 1885-1891RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Isaac Foote 1846-1848RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Mabel Stanley 1900-1902RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
George 1848-1852RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
ArtMiss E. 1882RIProvidence CoProvidence, Rhode Island School of Design
FrenchGilbert 1908-1912RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
George Henry 1882-1886RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Howard Aldridge 1901RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
James Windsor 1864-1870RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Richard Steere 1870-1872RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Cora Geneva 1894RIProvidence CoProvidence
PianoEmma Gilbreth 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
Mary Wilson 1906RIProvidence CoProvidence
John 1884-1885RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
John 1885-1890RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Anne Marjorie 1905-1909RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
Charles Edward 1890RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Charles Edward, Jr 1890-1897RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
John Byron 1892RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
Samuel Pike 1841RIProvidence CoProvidence
Sarah Elizabeth 1846-1892RIProvidence CoProvidence
Sarah Elizabeth 1859-1878RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Herbert Elmer 1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Robert Henry 1859-1860RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Julia Strong Lyman 1893-1894RIProvidence CoProvidence
Charles John 1896-1898RIProvidence CoProvidence
Charles Gurden 1883-1886RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Oliver Haley 1863-1870RIProvidence CoProvidence
Ida Mason 1919RIProvidence CoProvidence, Technical High School
Edward Augustus 1885-1886RIProvidence CoProvidence
Philip Collins 1914-1919RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Alvah Winslow 1850-1864RIProvidence CoProvidence
Mary Hazard 1906RIProvidence CoProvidence
Valeria Stone 1907-1908RIProvidence CoProvidence
Orville Boardman 1873-1878RIProvidence CoProvidence
Emma Helena 1893RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
Francis Barton 1875-1879RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Susan S. 1893-1896RIProvidence CoProvidence
MusicClarence Grant 1888RIProvidence CoProvidence
Albert 1843-1853RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Bertha 1881-1883RIProvidence CoProvidence
George Burleigh Foot 1888RIProvidence CoProvidence
George Burleigh Foote 1873-1886RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Elizabeth Guild 1892RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
Alice Winsor 1898-1905RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Arthur Burton 1914RIProvidence CoProvidence, Hope Street High School
PianoFlorence N. B. 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
French, GermanCharles Richard 1890-1915RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Horace Edgar 1895RIProvidence CoProvidence
Walter Ballou 1883RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Walter Ballou 1883-1901RIProvidence CoProvidence
William Everett 1882-1888RIProvidence CoProvidence
Everett Starr 1899RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Wilmot Rufus 1882-1886RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Mary Adela 1896-1902RIProvidence CoProvidence
William Vail 1872-1874RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
William Vail 1872-1874RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
Maud Ryland 1908-1910RIProvidence CoProvidence
EconomicsWilliam 1905-1907RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Amos Arnold 1886-1888RIProvidence CoProvidence
Horatio Bickford 1909RIProvidence CoProvidence
ClassicsWilliam Coffin 1886-1887RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Oscar 1866-1867RIProvidence CoProvidence
James Edward 1848-1849RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
William Shields 1874-1884RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
William Shields 1885RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Frances Henderson 1902-1903RIProvidence CoProvidence
HistoryMargaret Currier 1909-1910RIProvidence CoProvidence, Hope Street High School
Clarence Hartwell 1888RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Abby L. 1894-1909RIProvidence CoProvidence, Technical High School
Benjamin Elbridge 1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
Albert Davis 1910RIProvidence CoProvidence
Lydia Abigail 1902-1904RIProvidence CoProvidence
Bessie 1884-1891RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Charles Allison 1893-1900RIProvidence CoProvidence
Lilian Burleigh 1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Norman Allen 1900RIProvidence CoProvidence, Hope Street High School
Jeanette Low 1893-1900RIProvidence CoProvidence
Lucia Maria Clapp 1890-1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, Miss Wheelers School
William 1887-1890RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Harrison Greenough 1824-1825RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
Louise Friend 1873-1878RIProvidence CoProvidence
Myron Clark 1876-1879RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
William Thane 1875-1881RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Eliza Metcalf 1895-1910RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Katharine Upham 1880-1886RIProvidence CoProvidence
Katharine Upham 1898RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
MusicGiuseppe 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
William Brown 1858-1893RIProvidence CoProvidence
Alice Reeve 1897-1899RIProvidence CoProvidence
GermanHarriet Edith 1894-1905RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
ClassicsJames Aldrich 1892-1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Mathematics, LatinLevi Arnold 1912-1913RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Edward Harry 1883-1884RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Edward Henry 1875-1884RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
John Myron 1875-1885RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Blanche Dean 1893-1896RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Mary Florence 1903-1905RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
EnglishOtis Everett 1884-1885RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
William Henry 1869-1873RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
George W. 1834-1836RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Henry Sheldon 1903RIProvidence CoProvidence
Benjamin Hurd 1836-1839RIProvidence CoProvidence, University Grammar School
Lou 1911RIProvidence CoProvidence
Lucius Osborn 1869-1870RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
Edward Bennett 1886-1888RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
ArtE. 1882RIProvidence CoProvidence, Rhode Island School of Design
Louise Adele 1910RIProvidence CoProvidence
Edmund David 1904-1909RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
ArtJohn 1916RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
VoiceLoyal Phillips 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
Helen Mary 1892-1895RIProvidence CoProvidence
William Edward 1883-1885RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
EnglishAbby Maria Bennett 1887RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Ruth Eleanor 1901-1902RIProvidence CoProvidence, Hope Street High School
Albert K. 1860-1874RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Alfred Homans 1860-1875RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Richard Watson 1871-1889RIProvidence CoProvidence, English and Classical School
John Calvin 1867-1877RIProvidence CoProvidence
Willismi Mauran 1878-1879RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Frederick Emerson 1892-1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Thomas Blanchard 1864-1875RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Michael Xavier 1903-1907RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Greek, LatinCaroline Louise 1904-1907RIProvidence CoProvidence, Miss Wheelers School
Frank Herbert 1898-1900RIProvidence CoProvidence
Sarah Crapo 1901-1902RIProvidence CoProvidence
ChemistryLester Ralston 1919-1922RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Katharine Minerva 1894-1897RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Biology, AssistantLee Barker 1900-1901RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Mary Kimberley 1901-1906RIProvidence CoProvidence, Miss Wheelers School
Bessie Sarah 1896-1898RIProvidence CoProvidence, Classical High School
LatinBessie Sarah 1898RIProvidence CoProvidence, Hope Street High School
Walter Gardner 1879-1890RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
VoiceAlice Pitman 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
Benjamin Ide 1875-1879RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
Blanche Emily 1892-1904RIProvidence CoProvidence, Miss Wheelers School
Frances Elizabeth 1901-1910RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
Lucia Anna 1892-1894RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
Preceptress, AssistantMary Abbie 1898-1900RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
ArtG. W. 1882RIProvidence CoProvidence, Rhode Island School of Design
Harriet May 1886-1897RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
VoiceEdwin E. 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence
Latin, GreekAlonzo 1871-1875RIProvidence CoProvidence, Friends School
EnglishFlorence Adelaide 1887-1910RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
John Parker 1889-1892RIProvidence CoProvidence, High School
William Eugene 1898-1899RIProvidence CoProvidence
Ada Geneva 1896-1901RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
GymnasticsSamuel Clayton 1904-1906RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
LiteratureHenry 1879-1881RIProvidence CoProvidence, Moses Brown School
ArtE. 1882RIProvidence CoProvidence, Rhode Island School of Design
ArtW. 1882RIProvidence CoProvidence, Rhode Island School of Design
PianoEmma Winslow 1915RIProvidence CoProvidence

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