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Sidney, Shelby Co, OH

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Sidney, Shelby Co, OH: List of Teachers
Lucinda 1864OHShelby CoSidney
Clara 1864-1867OHShelby CoSidney
Avanella L. 1869-1870OHShelby CoSidney
Florence 1876OHShelby CoSidney
Ella 1879-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Emma 1879-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Flora 1879-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Mattie 1880-1885OHShelby CoSidney
DrawingT. H. 1882-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Bridget M. 1883-1885OHShelby CoSidney
La Donna 1883-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Fannie 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Lizzie 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
MusicH. H. 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Mary 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Rachel 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Carrie 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
Emma F. 1884-1885OHShelby CoSidney
SciencesHarry Vallandigham 1890-1893OHShelby CoSidney

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