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List of Teachers; State: OH; County: Lucas Co
Belle 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
German, EnglishMary 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
L. H. 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Nellie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Hattie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Minnie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Belle 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Florence 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
Sara 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Celia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
MusicS. C. 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Louise 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Maggie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Emma E. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Emma Y. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Hattie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Alice 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Julia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Susie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Geometry, AlgebraCarrie M. 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Fannie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Jessie 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Bridget 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
Jeanett 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Cora A. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Alice 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Charles Everett 1915OHLucas CoToledo, High School
Harvey Wilson 1881-1886OHLucas CoToledo
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
William Amherst Coult 1857-1868OHLucas CoToledo, High School
Louise 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Latin, HistoryMabel 1885OHLucas CoToledo
German, EnglishDelia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Lou 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Frederick Blake 1861-1862OHLucas CoToledo
Lily 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Mary T. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
PianoJohn Emil 1915OHLucas CoToledo
Tillie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Mary 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Maria 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Jessie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Sadie 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Emma 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Eleanor Amanda 1890-1893OHLucas CoToledo, Smead School
Sara J. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
English Literature, RhetoricSarah R. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, High School
May 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Ella 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
GermanM. 1885OHLucas CoToledo
German, EnglishLouise 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Ella 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Rose M. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Florence Anna 1915OHLucas CoToledo, High School
Ella 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Electa 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Clara 1878-1885OHLucas CoSouth Toledo
Latin, MathematicsAlice 1884-1885OHLucas CoToledo, Smead School
Delia 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Clara 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Jennie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
German, EnglishMinnie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Phebe 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
Mrs. A. L. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
M. A. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Fannie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Susie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Ella L. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Jennie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
GermanOttilia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Hoag Street School
Olga 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Marion 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
C. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
Francis James 1866-1869OHLucas CoToledo, High School
Louisa 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Maggie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
Lizzie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Mrs. E. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Hattie 1883-1885OHLucas CoSouth Toledo
Hattie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Ophelia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Allie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Mary 1885OHLucas CoSouth Toledo
S. D. 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Hattie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Marietta 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Jennie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Maria 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Delia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Ella 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Louise 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Ella 1901-1910OHLucas CoToledo
German, EnglishMary 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
Emma E. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Elsa 1885OHLucas CoToledo
German, EnglishRosa 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Cecilia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Mary 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Minnie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Minnie 1884-1885OHLucas CoSouth Toledo
Theresa 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Albert T. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Anna C. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Bessie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Genevieve Rathbun 1910OHLucas CoToledo, Smead School
ChemistryWilliam 1887-1892OHLucas CoToledo, High School
Piano, VoiceMary Willing 1915OHLucas CoToledo
Jennie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Emma 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
Josie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
William Eugene 1919OHLucas CoToledo
Ella 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Hoag Street School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Emma 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Francis 1880-1885OHLucas CoSouth Toledo
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Emily 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Lottie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Andrews School
Alice I. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
Carrie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Fannie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
FrenchMarie 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Hoag Street School
Mary B. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Hoag Street School
PianoGeorgina 1925OHLucas CoToledo
Alice 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Stickney School
ViolinLynnell 1915OHLucas CoToledo
Iren 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Franklin School
Physics, PhysiologyAda M. 1885OHLucas CoToledo
Mary 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
VoiceWalter Eugene 1915OHLucas CoToledo
VoiceZella Brigham 1915OHLucas CoToledo
Lottie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Lizzie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
Therese 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
German, EnglishAugusta 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
GermanCatherine 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
Delia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Washington School
Margaret 1885OHLucas CoToledo, St Clair School
Lizzie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
May 1885OHLucas CoToledo
German, EnglishClara 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Lagrange School
Grace 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Lillie 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Catherine 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Flora 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Carl Wilhelm 1919OHLucas CoToledo
Annie E. 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Kate 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Isabel 1906OHLucas CoToledo, High School
Alice May 1890OHLucas CoToledo
Pheo 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Jefferson School
Charlotte Jeannette 1899-1902OHLucas CoToledo
Jeanette 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Anna 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Sherman School
Delia 1885OHLucas CoToledo, South Street School
Lucy 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Everett School
Mary 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
Lena 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
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19TeachersOH, Shelby Co, Sidney
101TeachersOH, Stark Co, Alliance
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46TeachersOH, Washington Co, Belpre
51TeachersOH, Wayne Co, Doylestown
18TeachersOH, Williams Co, Bryan
23TeachersOH, Wood Co, Bowling Green
21TeachersOH, Wyandot Co, Carey

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