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List of Teachers; State: OH; County: Cuyahoga Co
Mary Elizabeth 1893OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Almon Clematus 1862-1866OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Merrill Elbert 1910OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Louise Rebecca 1865-1872OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Joseph Hunt 1833-1835OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Isaac 1877-1887OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Margaret 1908-1909OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Hathaway-Brown School
Mary Eleanor 1875-1880OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks School
Samuel 1912-1915OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Jerome Smith 1885OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Grace C. 1901-1905OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Annie Louise 1884-1894OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Sears Wilson 1900-1906OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, University School
Nellie Heth 1890OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Marguerite Elisabeth 1899-1909OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Hathaway-Brown School
Martha Augusta 1858-1860OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Ellen Mac Rae Dundas 1895-1896OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Helen Maria 1902-1904OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Judson Boardman 1880-1882OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
MathematicsJudson Boardman 1880-1882OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Bertha May 1889-1897OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, High School
Elizabeth Reeve 1901-1903OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Florence Eunice 1871-1874OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Frances Noble 1888-1890OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Harriet Burr 1893-1895OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Pearl Crystal Marie 1896-1898OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Henry Elliot 1862-1865OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
John 1854-1856OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
George Brinton 1900OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, High School
Moses Gilbert 1857-1858OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Eleanor Amanda 1894-1896OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, University School
Nellie Luther 1903-1906OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Cornelia 1892-1895OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Anna Magdalen 1904-1906OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Hathaway-Brown School
George Bradford 1906OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, University School
Juliet 1896-1898OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
John Cushman 1858-1861OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Laura Alexander 1919OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
MathematicsEdward Lansing 1882-1887OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Abbie 1859-1860OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Elbridge 1852OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Esther Mary 1882-1890OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
James Lewis 1882-1883OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks Military Academy
Ida 1884-1886OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Mamie Gertrude 1919OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, High School
Marietta Adelaide 1909-1910OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Bertha 1877OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Frederic Augustus 1876-1880OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks Military Academy
Therese 1872-1878OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Blanche Chipman 1894OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Sarah Borden Durfee 1879-1881OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Vinnietta J. 1893-1906OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Russell Moody 1884-1886OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks Military Academy
Rufus Osgood 1856-1857OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Franklin Stuart 1890-1891OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Ida Paine 1903-1908OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Jeannette 1901-1904OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
David George 1890-1891OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks Military Academy
Vincent 1876OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks School
Martha 1898-1903OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Jeannette Eliza 1881-1885OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Margaret 1909OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Hathaway-Brown School
Charles Eugene 1899OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Katharine Upham 1893-1896OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Emma Maude 1879-1892OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Edwin 1873-1875OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Mary Elizabeth 1898-1905OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Hathaway-Brown School
Mary White 1885OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
BiologyBertha June 1901-1902OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Cordelia Almena 1851-1853OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Levi 1853OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, High School
Charles Collins 1859-1865OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Greek, LatinZulema Alice 1887-1892OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Mary K. 1887-1890OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Ella Florence 1876-1877OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brooks School
Frances 1891OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Alice Deming 1873-1875OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Clara Dorothea 1919OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Bertrice Joanna 1885-1886OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
LatinLucile 1909-1910OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Hathaway-Brown School
Alice Abigail 1894-1897OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Ernest Ketcham 1902-1910OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Central High School
Edmund Nathaniel 1894-1896OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, University School
Helen Landon 1871-1874OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, High School
Mary Comstock 1890-1891OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Clifford J. 1919OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
SciencesAnna Speck 1906-1908OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Everett Lynn 1906-1907OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, University School
Lynn 1906-1907OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, University School
Elihu Hilles 1872-1874OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Rhetoric, HistoryGrace Putnam 1896-1901OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
ClassicsAllen 1870-1871OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, High School
SciencesBessie Hastings 1899-1901OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Miss Mittelbergers School
Mary Eastman 1897-1908OHCuyahoga CoCleveland
Updated: 13 Feb 2020

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7TeachersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Wesleyan College
3TeachersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Woodward High School
7TeachersOH, Knox Co, Gambier
8TeachersOH, Knox Co, Gambier, Harcourt Place Seminary
4TeachersOH, Knox Co, Gambier, Kenyon Military Academy
4TeachersOH, Lake Co, Painesville
10TeachersOH, Lake Co, Painesville, Lake Erie College
10TeachersOH, Licking Co, Granville
5TeachersOH, Logan Co, Bellefontaine
6TeachersOH, Lorain Co, Elyria
13TeachersOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Oberlin Academy
85TeachersOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Oberlin College
7TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo
3TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, High School
3TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Smead School
5TeachersOH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
13TeachersOH, Montgomery Co, Dayton
5TeachersOH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville
3TeachersOH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville, High School
5TeachersOH, Portage Co, Kent State Normal School
3TeachersOH, Ross Co, Chillicothe, High School
6TeachersOH, Scioto Co, Portsmouth, High School
5TeachersOH, Shelby Co, Sidney
4TeachersOH, Stark Co, Canton
3TeachersOH, Summit Co, Akron
10TeachersOH, Summit Co, Hudson, Western Reserve Academy
3TeachersOH, Summit Co, Tallmadge
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10TeachersOH, Washington Co, Marietta

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