List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; State: NY; County: Kings Co
English LiteratureJulian Willis 1881NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
MathematicsEdwin Moore 1895-1897NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
MathematicsVincent 1889-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Vincent 1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Charles Morse 1889NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Samuel Dwight 1883-1884NYKings CoBrooklyn
Helen M. 1875-1877NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Andrew 1871-1874NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Harvey Lee 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Commercial High School
Emma Lester 1899-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Helen Bartlett 1894-1901NYKings CoBrooklyn, Miss Elys School
Nellie Robinson 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Percy Haven 1909-1914NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Burton Marcus 1895-1897NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Burton Marcus 1900NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Elinor Lydia 1900-1903NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
Mary Fletcher 1898-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn
MathematicsMabel Merwyn 1904-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn Heights Seminary
Elisha Hubbard 1891-1892NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
Alice Prentice 1901-1903NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
Simon 1843-1845NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Newton 1869-1870NYKings CoBrooklyn
Eleanor Hamilton 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
George Dana 1891NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
William Franklin 1846-1848NYKings CoBrooklyn
Ella M. 1904-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
English, MusicSarah Elizabeth 1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Grace Alden 1902-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
HistoryClarence Hamilton 1905-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Samuel John Mills 1863-1870NYKings CoBrooklyn
Benjamin Gilbert 1876-1901NYKings CoBrooklyn
Mabel Reed 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Mathematics, InstructorClinton Artinius 1910-1912NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
MathematicsClinton Artinius 1912NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Charles Frederick William 1889-1891NYKings CoBrooklyn
Katharine 1907-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Rosa Maria 1889-1892NYKings CoBrooklyn, Miss Elys School
Raymond Tostevin 1916NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Byron Briggs 1892-1893NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Marian Hawley 1893-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Anna Priscilla 1898-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute High School
Laura Marguerite 1905-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Miss Elys School
Oliver Ernesto 1876-1877NYKings CoBrooklyn
Emily E. 1901NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Beatrice Annie 1908-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Berkeley Institute
Beatrice Annie 1909-1910NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Ruth Lavinia 1909-1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
Isabelle 1894-1897NYKings CoBrooklyn, Miss Elys School
Laura Antoinette 1898-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn
Laura Higbee 1893NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
Helen Winifred 1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Clinton Dewitt 1886-1887NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
PreceptressGertrude Simmons 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District High School
Joseph Scribner 1889-1894NYKings CoBrooklyn
Lucy 1904-1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Hermann August 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Frances Isabel 1897-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
MathematicsEugene Benjamin 1907-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Florence Louise 1908-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Miriam Foster 1909NYKings CoBrooklyn Heights Seminary
Emily J. 1893-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
Emma Kirkland 1900-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Henry 1846-1849NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Dickson 1855-1858NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Eleanor Pierce 1885NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Neal 1864-1867NYKings CoBrooklyn
Samuel Mills 1846-1848NYKings CoBrooklyn
Samuel Stillman 1860-1862NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
ChemistryCharles Gilpin 1899-1922NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Ellen Parmelee 1889-1890NYKings CoBrooklyn
Louise 1894-1896NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Rossa Belle 1893-1897NYKings CoBrooklyn
Isabella Sophronia 1870-1882NYKings CoBrooklyn
Mary Beach 1904-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
LatinHarvey Montgomery 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
HistoryMatthew Lincoln 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Commercial High School
Isaac Snedeker 1868-1882NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry 1846-1854NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charlotte S. 1895NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
EnglishCharles Henry James 1888NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Grace Boorman 1902-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn
Elsie 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn
Wilhelmine H. 1889NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Mary Pearl 1909-1910NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
Charles 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Allen 1886-1896NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
William Howell 1892NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Edgar Ai 1874-1875NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edgar Ai 1874-1875NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Lina 1888-1891NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
LatinCharles Sumner 1900NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Jennie Agnes 1895-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Anthony Harrison 1882-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Susan Hoyt 1903-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edith Mary 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Mary Darling 1900-1901NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute High School
Grace Merritt Winthrop 1896NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
James Alexander 1867-1868NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Spanish, GermanIrving William 1914-1917NYKings CoBrooklyn, Commercial High School
Virginia 1899-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
William Wright 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
EnglishMann 1911-1917NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Lillian Ethel 1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Sarah Phoebe 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Margaret Evans 1904-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Frederick 1915-1916NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Catherine Amelia 1893-1894NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
Murray Hamish 1884-1887NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Franklin Augustus 1884-1887NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Balthasar 1889-1891NYKings CoBrooklyn
Channing Wallace 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Valeria Stone 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Charlotte 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Helen 1911NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
GermanMaria Amelia 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Anna Keyes 1892-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn
Stanley Riddell 1913-1915NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Edith 1896-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Juliet 1898-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Frank Llewellyn 1877NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
James Sandford 1866-1867NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Nathaniel Herrick 1843-1846NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edna Caroline 1910-1911NYKings CoBrooklyn
Binney 1893NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Elizabeth Hazelton 1901-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
SciencesAlbert Cable 1883NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
John Baker 1912-1913NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Lida 1887-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn
Warren Lucius 1908-1911NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Levi Wells 1852-1856NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nina 1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
Junius Loring 1858-1859NYKings CoBrooklyn
Anne 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Adaline Foote 1889-1895NYKings CoBrooklyn Heights Seminary
Bertha 1883-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn
Annah Putnam 1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District High School
Stella 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Josie Belle 1908-1910NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Ann 1898-1903NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Helen Frances 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Blake 1888NYKings CoBrooklyn
HistoryJason 1885-1886NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Sue Whitcomb 1895-1897NYKings CoBrooklyn
David Ambler 1850-1852NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Henry 1859-1860NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Mabel Lavina 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
MathematicsMary Murray 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Alice C. 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Caroline Louise 1901-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn
Thomas Arthur 1904-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Joseph William 1862-1865NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Bailey 1853-1854NYKings CoBrooklyn
Alice 1898-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edna 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn
LatinAnna Spalding 1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
James 1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
Charles 1870NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
LatinFrederick Bird 1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Walter Royal 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Isaac Nichols 1877-1880NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
GermanHorace Milton 1875-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Jonathan Bacon 1822-1830NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Lida Shaw 1898-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, Packer Institute
EnglishClarence Darwin 1904-1912NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Anna Sheldon 1899-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District High School
Bertha L. 1908-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn
Adelina 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
LanguagesHoward Bennett 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Marcus Bachman 1892-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Ansel 1866-1868NYKings CoBrooklyn
Mary Agnes 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Blanche Chipman 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
John Henry 1909NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frederick Ziah 1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
Belles-Lettres, ElocutionJohn James 1864-1866NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Willard Merrick 1866-1867NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Benjamin 1850-1853NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Oliver 1858NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Charles Wesley 1887-1896NYKings CoBrooklyn, Boys High School
EnglishErnest Neal 1905-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Norman James 1885-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Sedgwick 1895NYKings CoBrooklyn, High School
GeographyCarlotta Joaquina 1900-1901NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Hattie Louise 1895-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn Heights Seminary
French, GermanIsabel Dinwiddie 1896-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Adelphi College
Donald Campbell 1896-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
HistoryWalden Hamilton 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
Edward 1896NYKings CoBrooklyn, Commercial High School
Katharine Hedges 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District High School
John Henry 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn, Manual Training High School
Bessie 1893-1910NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
SciencesElla Patten 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edith Somerville 1900-1901NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Lawrence, Jr 1869NYKings CoBrooklyn
Maud 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn, Girls High School
Carrie Tilden 1901-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Edward Francis 1838-1840NYKings CoBrooklyn
Grace Margaret 1911NYKings CoBrooklyn, Pratt Institute
Sabra Maude 1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
MathematicsGeorge 1897-1904NYKings CoBrooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
Updated: 22 Feb 2020

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Most Recent Entries
13TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany
18TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany Academy
14TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany, High School
3TeachersNY, Albany Co, Cohoes
3TeachersNY, Allegany Co, Belfast
13TeachersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton
16TeachersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, High School
7TeachersNY, Broome Co, Deposit
3TeachersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Franklinville, Ten Broeck Academy
4TeachersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Olean, High School
15TeachersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Randolph, Chamberlain Institute
12TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn
8TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, High School
3TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Weedsport
3TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
5TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk, High School
4TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Fredonia, State Normal School
4TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown
6TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown, High School
3TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Westfield, High School
3TeachersNY, Chenango Co, Greene, High School
10TeachersNY, Chenango Co, Norwich
7TeachersNY, Chenango Co, Norwich, High School
4TeachersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh
7TeachersNY, Columbia Co, Claverack, Hudson River Institute
4TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cincinnatus
3TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cortland, High School
17TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cortland, Normal School
3TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cortlandville Academy
4TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Homer
3TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Homer, Cortland Academy
9TeachersNY, Delaware Co, Delhi, Delaware Academy
4TeachersNY, Delaware Co, Fergusonville Academy
17TeachersNY, Delaware Co, Franklin, Delaware Literary Institute
35TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Amenia Seminary
57TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie
26TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, High School
4TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Oakwood Seminary
14TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Riverview Academy
93TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Vassar College
4TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Rhinebeck
3TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Wappingers Falls
32TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo
14TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Central High School
6TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, High School
5TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, State Normal School
3TeachersNY, Erie Co, Clarence
3TeachersNY, Essex Co, Essex
3TeachersNY, Franklin Co, Fort Covington
5TeachersNY, Franklin Co, Saranac Lake
8TeachersNY, Fulton Co, Gloversville
10TeachersNY, Genesee Co, Batavia
3TeachersNY, Greene Co, Catskill
3TeachersNY, Greene Co, Catskill, High School
3TeachersNY, Greene Co, Coxsackie Academy
13TeachersNY, Herkimer Co, Fairfield Academy
5TeachersNY, Herkimer Co, Herkimer
9TeachersNY, Herkimer Co, Little Falls, High School
3TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Antwerp, Black River Conference Seminary
12TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Antwerp, Ives Seminary
9TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Belleville, Union Academy
10TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown
16TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown, High School
88TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
27TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Adelphi College
3TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Berkeley Institute
18TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Boys High School
6TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Commercial High School
8TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Eastern District High School
26TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Erasmus Hall High School
14TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, High School
5TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Latin School
15TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Manual Training High School
32TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
21TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute
3TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute High School
3TeachersNY, Kings Co, Flatbush
4TeachersNY, Lewis Co, Constableville
5TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Dansville
9TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Geneseo, State Normal School
5TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Lima
40TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Lima, Genesee Wesleyan Seminary
3TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Nunda
1TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Nunda Academy
50TeachersNY, Madison Co, Cazenovia Seminary
5TeachersNY, Madison Co, Hamilton
6TeachersNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, Colgate Academy
3TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Brockport, Collegiate Institute
10TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Brockport, Normal School
3TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Fairport
3TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Fairport, High School
29TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester
12TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, East High School
7TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, High School
8TeachersNY, Montgomery Co, Amsterdam
4TeachersNY, Montgomery Co, Fort Plain
3TeachersNY, Montgomery Co, Fort Plain Seminary
10TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Garden City
5TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Garden City, St Pauls School
4TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Glen Cove
4TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Oyster Bay, High School
338TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City
6TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Barnard School
11TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Brearley School
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Bryant High School
29TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Columbia University
19TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Dewitt Clinton High School
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Ethical Culture School
19TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, High School
12TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Horace Mann School
13TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Morris High School
5TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Stuyvesant High School
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Veltin School
18TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Wadleigh High School
4TeachersNY, Niagara Co, Lewiston
6TeachersNY, Niagara Co, Lockport
3TeachersNY, Niagara Co, Niagara Falls
4TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Rome
23TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Utica
10TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Whitestown Seminary
4TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Baldwinsville Academy
5TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Manlius, St Johns Military Academy
11TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Manlius, St Johns School
38TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
43TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, High School
5TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, North High School
16TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua
10TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua Academy
4TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua, High School
6TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Geneva
6TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Geneva, High School
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Chester
8TeachersNY, Orange Co, Cornwall
4TeachersNY, Orange Co, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Military Academy
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Goshen
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Goshen, High School
4TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Fulton
15TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Fulton, Falley Seminary
3TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Fulton, High School
5TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Mexico
11TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Mexico Academy
4TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Pulaski Academy
4TeachersNY, Otsego Co, Cooperstown
6TeachersNY, Otsego Co, Cooperstown Seminary
2TeachersNY, Putnam Co, Carmel
15TeachersNY, Putnam Co, Carmel, Drew Seminary
18TeachersNY, Queens Co, Flushing
11TeachersNY, Queens Co, Flushing, High School
3TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Hoosick Falls, High School
19TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy
11TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy Academy
8TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, High School
5TeachersNY, Saratoga Co, Jonesville Academy
7TeachersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga
11TeachersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs
4TeachersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga, High School
9TeachersNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady
9TeachersNY, Schoharie Co, Charlotteville, New York Conference Seminary
28TeachersNY, Schuyler Co, Montour Falls, Cook Academy
6TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Canton
3TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Canton, High School
5TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Gouverneur
3TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Gouverneur, High School
13TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Gouverneur, Wesleyan Seminary
8TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Potsdam, St Lawrence Academy
11TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Potsdam, State Normal School
4TeachersNY, Suffolk Co, Greenport
3TeachersNY, Suffolk Co, Greenport, High School
3TeachersNY, Suffolk Co, Huntington
13TeachersNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca
5TeachersNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca Academy
12TeachersNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Cascadilla School
5TeachersNY, Ulster Co, Kingston Academy
4TeachersNY, Ulster Co, Kingston, Ulster Academy
9TeachersNY, Ulster Co, New Paltz, State Normal School
3TeachersNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls
7TeachersNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls Academy
3TeachersNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls, High School
11TeachersNY, Washington Co, Fort Edward Institute
14TeachersNY, Washington Co, Fort Edward, Collegiate Institute
7TeachersNY, Washington Co, Whitehall
4TeachersNY, Wayne Co, Lyons
3TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Briarcliff Manor, Miss Knoxs School
8TeachersNY, Westchester Co, New Rochelle
8TeachersNY, Westchester Co, New Rochelle, High School
4TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Ossining, Holbrooks Military School
6TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Peekskill
21TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Peekskill, Military Academy
7TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Rye
15TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Sing Sing
15TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Tarrytown
3TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Tarrytown, High School
3TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Tarrytown, The Castle School
13TeachersNY, Westchester Co, White Plains
2TeachersNY, Westchester Co, White Plains, High School
18TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers
11TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers, High School
3TeachersNY, Wyoming Co, Wyoming
3TeachersNY, Yates Co, Keuka College
5TeachersNY, Yates Co, Penn Yan Academy

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20 Jan 2020Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Vol 49961
20 Jan 2020Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Vol 31,2323
20 Jan 2020Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Vol 11,33361
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05 Jan 2020Biographical register of Christ's College, 1505-19051,477
04 Jan 2020Alumni Carthusiani; a record of the foundation scholars of Charterhouse, 1614-1872298
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11 Dec 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1715-1886, Vol 32,785
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27 Oct 2019Bishops in Ireland263
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