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List of Teachers; State: NJ; County: Essex Co
Frederick Augustus 1859-1882NJEssex CoOrange
Joseph Henry 1872-1874NJEssex CoOrange
DentistryGrace Estey 1909NJEssex CoOrange, Miss Beards School
Bertha 1888-1889NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Clara Augusta 1891-1900NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
English, LatinElizabeth Howe 1910NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Mary Joy 1903-1904NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Emily 1885-1890NJEssex CoEast Orange
William 1860-1870NJEssex CoOrange
Gertrude Fuller 1904-1905NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Gertrude Fuller 1909NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
EnglishJulian Scott 1913-1915NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Isabella Jamieson 1900-1919NJEssex CoOrange, Miss Beards School
Mary Lovina 1891-1892NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Caroline 1894-1902NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Ruth Eaton 1907-1908NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Gertrude 1899-1901NJEssex CoOrange
ElocutionMary Beach 1903-1904NJEssex CoEast Orange
DentistryJane Delia 1900-1904NJEssex CoOrange, Miss Beards School
Annette 1856-1858NJEssex CoOrange
William Allen 1884-1886NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Abby Beal 1905NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Louise J. 1893-1899NJEssex CoOrange
Alice Eliza 1890-1891NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Almira 1911NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Lucia Fessenden 1900-1903NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Isabel 1900-1906NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Isabel Evangeline 1900-1906NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Louise K. 1903-1905NJEssex CoEast Orange
Blanche Blossom 1906NJEssex CoOrange
LatinJacob Bixler 1890-1893NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Sarah Carrington 1885-1890NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Margaret Young 1898-1902NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Mabel Louise 1907NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Helen Katharine 1899-1900NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Mary Irving 1894-1895NJEssex CoOrange
Thomas Caldwell 1853NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Alida Lewis 1896-1897NJEssex CoSouth Orange, High School
Blanche Adaline 1908NJEssex CoSouth Orange, High School
Mary Eunice 1902-1905NJEssex CoEast Orange
Medora Eva 1897-1900NJEssex CoEast Orange
Cynthia May 1909-1910NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Clausine 1894-1906NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
SciencesKristine 1898-1899NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
Byron Collins 1905NJEssex CoEast Orange
Maria Cox 1907-1910NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Edith Somerville 1905-1906NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Emma Mabel 1905NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Nellie Patten 1903-1907NJEssex CoOrange, Miss Beards School
DentistryCarol 1900-1903NJEssex CoOrange, Miss Beards School
Margaret Van Dyke 1908-1910NJEssex CoSouth Orange
John Wade 1857-1858NJEssex CoOrange
Edna Louise 1907-1909NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Constance Saltonstall 1906-1910NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Phebe Tomkins 1901NJEssex CoSouth Orange, High School
Minna Belle 1904NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Mary Isabel 1902NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Charles Jenkins 1902NJEssex CoOrange
Stuart Rice 1911NJEssex CoSouth Orange, High School
Hollis 1851-1855NJEssex CoOrange
Elizabeth 1908-1910NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Clara Alida 1895-1897NJEssex CoEast Orange
Rest Fenner, Jr. 1898NJEssex CoEast Orange
Lora Olive 1897-1901NJEssex CoEast Orange
Willard Gardiner 1869-1870NJEssex CoOrange
Harriet Monfort 1897-1904NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Louise Jennie 1891-1905NJEssex CoEast Orange
Mary Therese 1899NJEssex CoEast Orange
George Kilburn 1846-1868NJEssex CoSouth Orange
EnglishAustiana Eliza 1896-1897NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Louise Clinton 1898NJEssex CoSouth Orange
Louise Clinton 1899NJEssex CoOrange, Dearborn-Morgan School
GermanAnna Susannah 1901NJEssex CoEast Orange, High School
Edward Lee 1899-1900NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Joseph King 1899-1900NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Edith 1901-1909NJEssex CoOrange
English Literature, ElocutionJennie Louisa 1890-1893NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Nellie Maroa 1893-1896NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Nettie Lydia 1893NJEssex CoOrange, High School
Updated: 30 May 2019

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Most Recent Entries
4TeachersNJ, Atlantic Co, Atlantic City
21TeachersNJ, Bergen Co, Englewood
6TeachersNJ, Bergen Co, Englewood, High School
4TeachersNJ, Bergen Co, Englewood, Miss Gerrishs School
9TeachersNJ, Bergen Co, Hackensack, High School
4TeachersNJ, Bergen Co, Ridgewood
4TeachersNJ, Bergen Co, Ridgewood, High School
14TeachersNJ, Burlington Co, Bordentown
3TeachersNJ, Burlington Co, Bordentown, Female College
13TeachersNJ, Burlington Co, Bordentown, Military Institute
4TeachersNJ, Burlington Co, Burlington
3TeachersNJ, Burlington Co, Burlington, High School
9TeachersNJ, Burlington Co, Burlington, St Marys Hall
4TeachersNJ, Camden Co, Camden
5TeachersNJ, Camden Co, Camden, High School
8TeachersNJ, Cumberland Co, Bridgeton
10TeachersNJ, Cumberland Co, Bridgeton, Ivy Hall
4TeachersNJ, Cumberland Co, Bridgeton, South Jersey Institute
7TeachersNJ, Cumberland Co, Bridgeton, West Jersey Academy
3TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Belleville
12TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Bloomfield
5TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Bloomfield, High School
11TeachersNJ, Essex Co, East Orange
15TeachersNJ, Essex Co, East Orange, High School
4TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Essex Fells, Kingsley School
18TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Montclair
14TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Montclair Academy
19TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Montclair, High School
38TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark
13TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark Academy
6TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Barringer High School
5TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Craven School
20TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, High School
4TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, South Side High School
5TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Townsend School
6TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Wesleyan Institute
7TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Nutley
13TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Orange
9TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Orange, Dearborn-Morgan School
13TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Orange, High School
5TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Orange, Miss Beards School
9TeachersNJ, Essex Co, South Orange
4TeachersNJ, Essex Co, South Orange, High School
4TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Verona, High School
4TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Arlington
3TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Bayonne, High School
5TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Hoboken
4TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Hoboken, Stevens School
11TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City
3TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, Bergen School for Girls
7TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, Hasbrouck Institute
8TeachersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, High School
9TeachersNJ, Hunterdon Co, Flemington
5TeachersNJ, Hunterdon Co, Flemington, High School
6TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Hightstown
20TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Hightstown, Peddie Institute
22TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Lawrenceville
45TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Pennington Seminary
22TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Princeton
13TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Trenton
5TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Trenton, High School
8TeachersNJ, Mercer Co, Trenton, State Normal School
15TeachersNJ, Middlesex Co, New Brunswick
4TeachersNJ, Middlesex Co, New Brunswick, High School
14TeachersNJ, Middlesex Co, New Brunswick, Rutgers Preparatory School
5TeachersNJ, Middlesex Co, Perth Amboy, High School
5TeachersNJ, Middlesex Co, Rahway
6TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Asbury Park
5TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Asbury Park, High School
4TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Atlantic Highlands, High School
7TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Freehold
6TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Long Branch
3TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Shrewsbury
7TeachersNJ, Morris Co, Madison
24TeachersNJ, Morris Co, Morristown
11TeachersNJ, Morris Co, Morristown, Miss Dana School
6TeachersNJ, Morris Co, Morristown, Morris Academy
7TeachersNJ, Ocean Co, Lakewood
7TeachersNJ, Passaic Co, Passaic
11TeachersNJ, Passaic Co, Passaic, High School
17TeachersNJ, Passaic Co, Paterson
10TeachersNJ, Passaic Co, Paterson, High School
4TeachersNJ, Salem Co, Salem
3TeachersNJ, Somerset Co, Bound Brook, High School
4TeachersNJ, Somerset Co, North Plainfield, High School
6TeachersNJ, Somerset Co, Somerville
7TeachersNJ, Sussex Co, Newton
13TeachersNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth
5TeachersNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth, Battin High School
4TeachersNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth, High School
7TeachersNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth, Pingry School
4TeachersNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth, Vail-Deane School
20TeachersNJ, Union Co, Plainfield
7TeachersNJ, Union Co, Plainfield, Hartridge School
11TeachersNJ, Union Co, Plainfield, High School
8TeachersNJ, Union Co, Summit
5TeachersNJ, Union Co, Summit, Kent Place School
11TeachersNJ, Union Co, Westfield
5TeachersNJ, Union Co, Westfield, High School
4TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Belvidere
4TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Blairstown
6TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Blairstown, Blair Academy
4TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Hackettstown
29TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Hackettstown, Centenary Collegiate Institute
4TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Phillipsburg, High School

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04 Sep 2019Barton Stacey, All Saints Church50
04 Sep 2019Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church51
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