List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; State: NC; County: Durham Co
Lucile 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Fred Soule 1898NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Fred Soule 1916NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Willie 1886NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
Lawrence Ely 1910-1911NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Daisey Blanche 1916NCDurham CoEast Durham
Bascom Weaver 1915-1916NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Sallie Louise 1916NCDurham CoDurham
James Arthur 1902-1903NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Mrs. H. C. 1923NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Raymond 1904-1906NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Mabel 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
PianoGilmore Ward 1915NCDurham CoDurham
Luther T. 1877-1881NCDurham CoDurham
William Donald 1897-1899NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Fannie White 1916NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Ida 1886NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
Collier 1881-1882NCDurham CoDurham
John Turrentine 1920NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Maud Lola 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Blanch Emerson 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
EngineeringFrank Nicholas Jr 1913-1914NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Beale Jennings 1916NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Emma Burns 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
Marion 1886NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
Mrs. J. W. 1886NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
EnglishGustavus Garland 1905-1908NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Price Henderson, Jr 1913-1917NCDurham CoDurham, High School
E. Caroline 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
George Norrell 1921-1922NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Emma Jean 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
HistoryHolland 1909-1910NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Holland 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
Clifford Lee 1916NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Ila Lee 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Kate Lee 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Eunice 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
William Henry 1911-1912NCDurham CoDurham, High School
HistoryEdgar Wallace 1909-1911NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Ada 1884NCDurham CoDurham
Fannie 1886NCDurham CoRed Mountain
Virginia Vera 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
Jessie 1886NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
HistoryAugustus White 1885-1887NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Frances Watts 1916NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Lila Bingham 1916NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Ruby Lee 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Nellie 1916NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Charles Eugene 1911-1913NCDurham CoDurham, High School
LatinIrving Bascom 1916NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Augusta Norfleet 1916NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Matilda Osborne 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Susannah Gregory 1916NCDurham CoDurham
E. D. 1884NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
Rufus Clegg 1906-1907NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Mamie Evie 1916NCDurham CoEast Durham
Sarah Eva 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
MusicMag. 1884NCDurham CoDurham
Eber Carle 1903-1905NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Pannie Augusta 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Nell A. Patterson 1921-1922NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Nellie Cain 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Domestic Science, Domestic ArtRuth 1916NCDurham CoEast Durham
Annie Beckwith 1921-1922NCDurham Co
Annie Beckwith 1922NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Thomas Jackson 1884-1890NCDurham CoDurham
EngineeringMarshall Andrew 1916NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Lessie M. 1884NCDurham CoDurham, Graded School
Bertie Luena 1920-1927NCDurham Co
Mollis W. 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Walter Adair 1908-1909NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Ethel Frances 1916NCDurham CoDurham
EnglishAnnie Elizabeth 1916NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Nellie Dean 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Fannie Ellen 1917-1919NCDurham CoDurham, High School
Henrietta M. 1916NCDurham CoEast Durham
Richard 1900-1902NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
HistoryStephen Beauregard 1891-1893NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Claude Bascom 1916NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Park School
Lillian 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Susanna Clegg 1916NCDurham CoDurham
Jake Luidens 1925NCDurham CoDurham, Duke University
Lela Daisy 1916NCDurham CoWest Durham
Willie Rosaline 1916NCDurham CoEast Durham

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Most Recent Entries
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1TeachersNC, Bladen Co, Lisbon
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1TeachersNC, Buncombe Co, Turnpike
1TeachersNC, Buncombe Co, Weaverville
1TeachersNC, Burke Co, Rutherford College
2TeachersNC, Cabarrus Co, Kannapolis
1TeachersNC, Caldwell Co, Collettsville
1TeachersNC, Caldwell Co, Hartland
4TeachersNC, Caldwell Co, Lenoir
1TeachersNC, Caldwell Co, Lovelady
1TeachersNC, Camden Co, Old Trap
2TeachersNC, Carteret Co, Morehead City
1TeachersNC, Carteret Co, Newport
1TeachersNC, Caswell Co, Locust Hill
2TeachersNC, Caswell Co, Milton
1TeachersNC, Catawba Co, Monbo
1TeachersNC, Chatham Co, Carbonton
2TeachersNC, Chatham Co, Merry Oaks
1TeachersNC, Chatham Co, Siler City
1TeachersNC, Columbus Co, Bolton
1TeachersNC, Columbus Co, Chadbourn
1TeachersNC, Columbus Co, Fair Bluff
1TeachersNC, Craven Co, Havelock
1TeachersNC, Craven Co, Spring Garden
1TeachersNC, Cumberland Co, Stedman
1TeachersNC, Currituck Co, Jarvisburg
1TeachersNC, Currituck Co, Knotts Island
1TeachersNC, Currituck Co, Powells Point
1TeachersNC, Davidson Co, Denton
1TeachersNC, Davidson Co, Lexington
1TeachersNC, Davidson Co, Linwood
2TeachersNC, Davidson Co, Thomasville
2TeachersNC, Davie Co
1TeachersNC, Davie Co, Elbaville
1TeachersNC, Davie Co, Jerusalem
1TeachersNC, Davie Co, Smith Grove
1TeachersNC, Duplin Co, Faison
1TeachersNC, Duplin Co, Wallace
1TeachersNC, Duplin Co, Warsaw
2TeachersNC, Durham Co
1TeachersNC, Durham Co, Red Mountain
1TeachersNC, Edgecombe Co, Conetoe
1TeachersNC, Edgecombe Co, Old Sparta
1TeachersNC, Forsyth Co, Chalk Level
1TeachersNC, Forsyth Co, Lewisville
1TeachersNC, Franklin Co, Bunn
3TeachersNC, Franklin Co, Louisburg
1TeachersNC, Franklin Co, Sutton
1TeachersNC, Gaston Co, Cherryville
7TeachersNC, Gaston Co, Gastonia
1TeachersNC, Gaston Co, Lowell
1TeachersNC, Gates Co, Sunbury
5TeachersNC, Granville Co
2TeachersNC, Granville Co, Lyons
2TeachersNC, Granville Co, Mt Energy
4TeachersNC, Granville Co, Oxford
1TeachersNC, Granville Co, Wilton
1TeachersNC, Greene Co, Ormondsville
8TeachersNC, Guilford Co, Greensboro
17TeachersNC, Guilford Co, Greensboro, College for Women
17TeachersNC, Guilford Co, Greensboro, High School
6TeachersNC, Guilford Co, High Point
5TeachersNC, Guilford Co, High Point, High School
1TeachersNC, Halifax Co, Charleston
2TeachersNC, Halifax Co, Littleton
1TeachersNC, Halifax Co, Palmyra
1TeachersNC, Halifax Co, Ringwood
1TeachersNC, Halifax Co, Roanoke Rapids
1TeachersNC, Halifax Co, Weldon
4TeachersNC, Harnett Co, Dunn
1TeachersNC, Haywood Co, Canton
1TeachersNC, Haywood Co, Cove Creek
1TeachersNC, Haywood Co, Lavinia
1TeachersNC, Haywood Co, Waynesville
3TeachersNC, Henderson Co, Hendersonville
1TeachersNC, Henderson Co, Holly Hill
2TeachersNC, Hertford Co
1TeachersNC, Hertford Co, Winton
1TeachersNC, Hoke Co, Raeford
3TeachersNC, Hyde Co, Lake Landing
1TeachersNC, Hyde Co, Middletown
1TeachersNC, Hyde Co, Nebraska
1TeachersNC, Hyde Co, Ocracoke
1TeachersNC, Jackson Co, Sylva
1TeachersNC, Jackson Co, Webster
1TeachersNC, Johnston Co, Wilsons Mills
1TeachersNC, Lee Co, Osgood
1TeachersNC, Lee Co, Sanford
1TeachersNC, Lincoln Co, Denver
2TeachersNC, Lincoln Co, Lincolnton
1TeachersNC, Madison Co, Mars Hill
1TeachersNC, Madison Co, Marshall
1TeachersNC, Martin Co, Jamesville
1TeachersNC, Martin Co, Robersonville
2TeachersNC, McDowell Co, Marion
1TeachersNC, McDowell Co, Old Fort
2TeachersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Matthews
1TeachersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Steele Creek
1TeachersNC, Montgomery Co
1TeachersNC, Montgomery Co, Ophir
1TeachersNC, Montgomery Co, Troy
1TeachersNC, Montgomery Co, Wadeville
1TeachersNC, Moore Co, Cameron
1TeachersNC, Moore Co, Manly
1TeachersNC, Nash Co
1TeachersNC, Nash Co, Castalia
1TeachersNC, Nash Co, Nashville
7TeachersNC, Nash Co, Rocky Mount
2TeachersNC, Nash Co, Stanhope
2TeachersNC, Nash Co, Whitakers
1TeachersNC, New Hanover Co
8TeachersNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
1TeachersNC, Northampton Co, Conway
1TeachersNC, Northampton Co, Lasker
1TeachersNC, Onslow Co, New River
1TeachersNC, Onslow Co, Peru
1TeachersNC, Onslow Co, Swansboro
1TeachersNC, Orange Co, Carrboro
1TeachersNC, Orange Co, Laws
3TeachersNC, Orange Co, Oaks
1TeachersNC, Pamlico Co, Oriental
1TeachersNC, Pamlico Co, Pamlico
1TeachersNC, Pamlico Co, Stonewall
2TeachersNC, Pasquotank Co
1TeachersNC, Pender Co, Burgaw
1TeachersNC, Pender Co, Point Caswell
1TeachersNC, Pender Co, Rocky Point
1TeachersNC, Pender Co, Willard
1TeachersNC, Polk Co, Saluda
2TeachersNC, Randolph Co, Asheboro
4TeachersNC, Robeson Co
1TeachersNC, Robeson Co, Lumber Bridge
2TeachersNC, Robeson Co, Maxton
1TeachersNC, Robeson Co, Pembroke
1TeachersNC, Robeson Co, Rowland
1TeachersNC, Robeson Co, Shannon
3TeachersNC, Rockingham Co, Leaksville
3TeachersNC, Rockingham Co, Madison
3TeachersNC, Rockingham Co, Ruffin
1TeachersNC, Rockingham Co, Spray
1TeachersNC, Rockingham Co, Stoneville
4TeachersNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury
6TeachersNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury, High School
1TeachersNC, Rutherford Co
1TeachersNC, Rutherford Co, Forest City
4TeachersNC, Sampson Co
1TeachersNC, Sampson Co, Huntley
1TeachersNC, Sampson Co, Newton Grove
1TeachersNC, Sampson Co, Taylors Bridge
1TeachersNC, Scotland Co, Old Hundred
3TeachersNC, Stanly Co
1TeachersNC, Stokes Co, Dalton
2TeachersNC, Surry Co, Mt Airy
1TeachersNC, Union Co, Wesley Chapel
1TeachersNC, Vance Co, Dabney
1TeachersNC, Vance Co, Townsville
3TeachersNC, Wake Co, Morrisville
1TeachersNC, Wake Co, Neuse
23TeachersNC, Wake Co, Raleigh
3TeachersNC, Wake Co, Wendell
2TeachersNC, Wake Co, West Raleigh
1TeachersNC, Wake Co, Zebulon
1TeachersNC, Warren Co, Macon
1TeachersNC, Warren Co, Warren Plains
2TeachersNC, Watauga Co
1TeachersNC, Watauga Co, Blowing Rock
1TeachersNC, Watauga Co, Boone
1TeachersNC, Watauga Co, Sands
1TeachersNC, Watauga Co, Shulls Mill
1TeachersNC, Watauga Co, Valle Crucis
1TeachersNC, Wilkes Co, Boomer
1TeachersNC, Wilkes Co, North Wilkesboro
1TeachersNC, Wilkes Co, Wilkesboro
1TeachersNC, Wilson Co
10TeachersNC, Wilson Co, Wilson
6TeachersNC, Wilson Co, Wilson, High School
1TeachersNC, Yadkin Co, East Bend
1TeachersNC, Yadkin Co, Huntsville

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