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List of Teachers; State: MA; County: Worcester Co
George Arthur 1895-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester
EnglishAnna Louise 1892-1895MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Albert Edward 1894-1899MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
SciencesFranklin William 1885-1888MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Harriet Louise 1893-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester
Josephine 1885-1890MAWorcester CoWorcester
Robert Edwin 1912-1914MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Jesse Leander 1896-1899MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
George Stillman 1890-1892MAWorcester CoWorcester
Languages, AthleticsHarry Melvin 1913-1915MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Gilbert Sykes 1888-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
John Earle 1918MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Mabel 1907-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester
Charles Guy 1905-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Eleanor Hinkley 1907-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester, Kimball School
Henry William 1875-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester
Nellie May 1901-1911MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Modern LanguagesEarl Van Dusen 1911-1915MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Greek, GermanSylvester 1874-1875MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Joseph Scribner 1881-1884MAWorcester CoWorcester
William Aldrich 1859-1868MAWorcester CoWorcester
Mary Elizabeth 1909-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Wolcott 1856-1859MAWorcester CoWorcester
George 1847-1848MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
French, AthleticsWilliam Francis 1912-1913MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Clara Seaman 1909MAWorcester CoWorcester, Kimball School
Arthur Lewis 1898-1900MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Bessie Marion 1907-1909MAWorcester CoWorcester, Kimball School
Elizabeth Hamilton 1908MAWorcester CoWorcester
William Morse 1901-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Stephen Sheldon 1897MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
MathematicsLevi Leonard 1891MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Eleanor 1902MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Harriet L. 1890-1894MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Oliver Richmond 1897MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Helen Fairman 1909MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Mary Eliza 1896-1909MAWorcester CoWorcester
Helena M. 1896-1900MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Helena M. 1901MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Lillian Moore 1893MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
SciencesHarold Neff 1906-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
BotanyJosephine Elizabeth 1906-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Harriet Elizabeth 1875MAWorcester CoWorcester
Charles Wesley 1895-1905MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Charles Wesley 1905MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Ezekiel Webster 1866-1867MAWorcester CoWorcester
Maud Amy 1889MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Willis Elden 1913-1914MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Helen Maher 1911MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Frank Freeman 1908-1912MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Henry Wesley 1897-1898MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Orestes Gardner 1868-1869MAWorcester CoWorcester
Edward 1896-1897MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Alfred Henry 1882-1884MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
AssistantLatham 1871-1873MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Natural ScienceCharles Smith 1884-1885MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
Edwin Newton 1886-1887MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
William Roscoe 1907MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Alia Wright 1873-1874MAWorcester CoWorcester
Alice Harriet 1894-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester
Francis 1857-1858MAWorcester CoWorcester
Marion Louise 1903MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Nathan Edward 1852-1853MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Ernest Leroy 1909-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Jessie Sargent 1905MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
George Bradford 1902-1903MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Helen Evangeline 1900MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Arthur Olin 1905-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester
Binney 1895-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Arthur Sewall 1899-1901MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Alice Pray 1911-1913MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
EnglishAnna Louise 1898-1901MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Daniel Waldo 1858-1859MAWorcester CoWorcester
MathematicsCharles Thaddeus 1869-1870MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
French, GermanGeorge Henry 1887-1889MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Annie May 1894MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Mary Abbie 1894-1897MAWorcester CoWorcester
Henry 1848-1849MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Archibald Livingston 1890-1897MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Charles Francis 1856MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Henry Alfred 1906-1907MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
Samuel Foss 1907MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Grace May 1906-1907MAWorcester CoWorcester
Alice Lizette 1903-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Ethel Christine 1909-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, Kimball School
Perry Sherman 1912MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
John Skinner 1869-1870MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Joshua Loring 1880-1882MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
James 1882-1885MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Alice Hannah 1908MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
EnglishFlorence Elizabeth 1898MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Physics, AssistantArthur 1893-1896MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
George Frederick 1889-1890MAWorcester CoWorcester
MathematicsAlonzo Smith 1870-1871MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
Clara Louise 1903-1904MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Grace Narcissa 1903MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Henry Simmons 1873-1874MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Nathan 1874-1876MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Arthur George 1878MAWorcester CoWorcester
John William 1907-1911MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
MathematicsEdward Thomas Sunmer 1891-1892MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Kenneth Cauldwell 1914MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Donald Baxter 1903-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Joseph Randall 1842-1843MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Sciences, LatinHerbert 1882-1887MAWorcester CoWorcester
Frank Louis 1887MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
EnglishLucy Adelaide 1901-1909MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Alpheus Richardson 1862-1865MAWorcester CoWorcester
Arthur Hartstein 1901-1902MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
Greek, LatinCharles Goodell Goddard 1862-1863MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
Wendell Phillips 1896MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Myron Clark 1884MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
ChemistryWalter Arthur 1918MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Chemistry, GeologyJoseph Hartshorn 1882-1892MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Joseph Hartshorn 1892MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Harriet Russell 1895MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Howard Wellington 1892-1893MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Mabel Anne 1907MAWorcester CoWorcester
Mabel Anne 1907-1909MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
MathematicsJohn Howard Jr 1908-1909MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
PhysicsEdward 1898-1900MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Alfred Seelye 1875-1880MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Marion Elizabeth 1892MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Annie Maria 1887-1890MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
PhysicsGeorge Gordon 1908MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Stella DeLand 1895-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Frank Lucius 1884MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Modern Languages, HistoryEdward Payson 1872-1892MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Gerald Birney 1892-1895MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
PianoIva Valeria 1899-1908MAWorcester CoWorcester
Florence 1883-1890MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
William Henry 1897MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Ina Mabel 1898-1899MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Cora Belle 1903MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Cora Belle 1903MAWorcester CoWorcester, South High School
Myron Wilder 1900MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Helen J. 1899MAWorcester CoWorcester, English High School
Mary Adelaide Roxana 1908-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester
MathematicsMaud Evelyn 1897-1898MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Anna Gleason 1895MAWorcester CoWorcester
Eli 1845-1848MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Joseph Willard 1896-1897MAWorcester CoWorcester, Polytechnic Institute
Joseph Willard 1897-1900MAWorcester CoWorcester, Highland Military Academy
SciencesClifton Augustus 1903MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Minnie Helen 1904-1906MAWorcester CoWorcester
Wallace Samuel 1890-1891MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Fanny Stone 1873-1876MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Frank William 1892-1894MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Lucia Frances 1891-1904MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
Mary Alice 1908-1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
George Otis 1878-1882MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Anna Eliza 1889-1890MAWorcester CoWorcester
Frances 1894-1903MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
Abbie Sophia 1879MAWorcester CoWorcester
Nellie Maria 1882-1891MAWorcester CoWorcester
Gertrude E. 1907MAWorcester CoWorcester, Classical High School
John Lincoln 1914-1915MAWorcester CoWorcester
Frank Albert 1895MAWorcester CoWorcester
HistoryFrank Hoyt 1894-1898MAWorcester CoWorcester Academy
Charles Carroll 1890MAWorcester CoWorcester
Updated: 22 Feb 2020

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13TeachersMA, Essex Co, Andover, Abbot Academy
54TeachersMA, Essex Co, Andover, Phillips Academy
11TeachersMA, Essex Co, Beverly
9TeachersMA, Essex Co, Bradford
13TeachersMA, Essex Co, Bradford Academy
5TeachersMA, Essex Co, Byfield, Dummer Academy
9TeachersMA, Essex Co, Danvers
3TeachersMA, Essex Co, Essex, High School
16TeachersMA, Essex Co, Haverhill
8TeachersMA, Essex Co, Haverhill, High School
8TeachersMA, Essex Co, Ipswich
10TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lawrence
13TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lawrence, High School
13TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lynn
5TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lynn, High School
8TeachersMA, Essex Co, Peabody
18TeachersMA, Essex Co, Salem
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6TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Conway
27TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Northfield, Mt Hermon School
4TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Brimfield, Hitchcock Academy
3TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Chester
5TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Chicopee
8TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Holyoke
7TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Monson
23TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Monson Academy
6TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Palmer
51TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield
4TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, American International College
26TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, High School
13TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, Technical High School
8TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Westfield, State Normal School
67TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Wilbraham, Wesleyan Academy
14TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Amherst
7TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Amherst, High School
47TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Easthampton, Williston Seminary
19TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
16TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Northampton, High School
129TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Northampton, Smith College
5TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, South Hadley Falls
35TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, South Hadley, Mt Holyoke College
12TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Ware
6TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Ware, High School
3TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Williamsburg
4TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Worthington
10TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Arlington
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Ashby
14TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Auburndale, Lasell Seminary
7TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Belmont
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Belmont, High School
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Billerica, Mitchells School
29TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge
61TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard University
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, High School
40TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, MA Institute of Technology
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Chestnut Hill
11TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Concord
5TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Everett
7TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Framingham
10TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Groton
11TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Groton, Lawrence Academy
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Littleton
20TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell
19TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell, High School
13TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Malden
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Marlborough
10TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Medford
11TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Medford, High School
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Center
12TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton, Andover Theological Seminary
20TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton, High School
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Reading
7TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Reading, High School
14TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville
12TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville, High School
3TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Townsend
3TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Townsend, High School
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Waban
10TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Wakefield
8TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Wakefield, High School
14TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham, High School
8TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown
7TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, West Newton, Allen School
127TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, West Newton, English and Classical School
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Westford
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Weston
3TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Weston, High School
14TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Winchester
5TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Winchester, High School
11TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Woburn
14TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Woburn, High School
13TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Braintree
21TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline
11TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, High School
13TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Dedham
3TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Dover
5TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Foxboro
3TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Franklin
11TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Franklin, Dean Academy
3TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Franklin, High School
9TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Milton
8TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Milton Academy
9TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Milton, High School
4TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Needham
7TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Norwood
11TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Quincy
13TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Quincy, High School
4TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Randolph
5TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, South Braintree, Thayer Academy
5TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Walpole
13TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley
137TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley College
4TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley Hills
10TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley, High School
6TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Weymouth
7TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Weymouth, High School
3TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wrentham
13TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Abington
6TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Bridgewater
15TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton
12TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton, High School
3TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, East Bridgewater
4TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Hanover
4TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Marion, Tabor Academy
6TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Plymouth, High School
4TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Rockland
4TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Whitman
145TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
3TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston University Law School
5TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston University School Of Medicine
13TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston University
7TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Chauncy Hall School
3TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Dudley School
12TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, English High School
9TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Girls Latin School
8TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, High School
12TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Latin School
3TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Lowell Institute
3TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Mechanic Arts High School
11TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Charlestown
4TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Charlestown, High School
15TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Chelsea
7TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester
4TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, East Boston
10TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury
6TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, High School
9TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Latin School
9TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston, Perkins Institute for Blind
3TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Winthrop
11TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Ashburnham, Cushing Academy
5TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Barre
3TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Dudley, Nichols Academy
21TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Fitchburg, High School
5TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Gardner, High School
8TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Grafton
4TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Holden, High School
3TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Hopedale
11TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Leicester Academy
4TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Southborough
7TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Southborough, St Marks School
7TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Southbridge
7TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Uxbridge
6TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Warren, High School
4TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Whitinsville
36TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester
41TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester Academy
19TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Classical High School
11TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, English High School
20TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, High School
8TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Highland Military Academy
11TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Polytechnic Institute
10TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, South High School

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