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List of Teachers; State: MA; County: Norfolk Co
Alice Maude 1894MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
Bertha Bolivia 1903-1904MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
ViolinCharles N. 1881-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PhilosophyMabel 1904MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
PianoEstelle Taylor 1893-1897MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mary Louise 1896-1902MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Alice Lorraine 1910MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
ArtMyrtilla 1916MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Ada Isadore 1885-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
Annie Fuller 1908-1911MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
BotanyMary Franklin 1906-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley
Katharine Lee 1881-1885MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
English LiteratureKatharine Lee 1885-1888MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Vena S. 1906-1907MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
AthleticsGertrude 1883-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MusicGeorge William 1884-1896MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Earl Maltby 1912-1915MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
MusicHarry 1887-1891MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Clara Augusta 1905-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
PianoFanny C. 1882-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ArtFlorence 1889-1893MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryGertrude 1908-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley College
English LiteratureMary A. 1882-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
English Literature, AssistantHarriet Manning 1909-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMary Campbell 1902-1903MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMary Campbell 1904-1905MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMary Campbell 1905MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ArtIda 1882-1886MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ZoologyMary Alice 1899-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley
English LiteratureHelen F. 1876-1877MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ArtAlice V. V. 1916MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Anna Robertson 1888-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley College
M. Louise 1904MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
ElocutionFlorence 1879-1880MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Ellen Louisa 1886MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mary Grace 1898MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
GreekMary Whiton 1887-1890MANorfolk CoWellesley
RhetoricAnna C. 1876-1877MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryBessie T. 1875-1876MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PaintingEmil 1883-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PaintingGrace 1876-1877MANorfolk CoWellesley College
RhetoricJosephine Augusta 1880-1881MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMary 1881-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Alice E. 1900-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley
Mary A. 1882-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Emily J. 1884-1891MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Eliza Polhemus 1895-1902MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Helen Adele 1901MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Latin, GreekMariana 1902MANorfolk CoWellesley College
DrawingHarriet I. 1886-1890MANorfolk CoWellesley College
InstructorCaroline Jewell 1901-1904MANorfolk CoWellesley College
HistoryRegina Katherine 1900-1901MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsAlice Prentiss 1907-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsAnna 1878-1879MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ElocutionMary A. 1881-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsMary Florence 1911MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mary Wood 1908MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mary Wood 1911MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
ViolinJennie Preston 1899-1903MANorfolk CoWellesley College
DrawingSarah 1888-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley College
RhetoricMary Parker 1877-1880MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Olive 1900MANorfolk CoWellesley College
FrenchAnna 1877-1882MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Fred Valentine 1908-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley
Bertha 1897-1903MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GermanGeorge F. 1881-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Jane Gay 1904-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
English LiteratureLillian A. 1883-1885MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoAlice L. 1880-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
William 1881-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsElizabeth Johnston 1877-1878MANorfolk CoWellesley College
LatinSara Anna 1877-1885MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoFlora Maria 1886-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMargaret Clay 1893-1896MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceSarah Cordelia 1882-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
HistoryMartha E. 1882-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Lucy J. 1916MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MusicAlexander 1884-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ViolinWulf 1882-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Elizabeth 1901MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
VoiceAnnie Louise 1875-1880MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PsychologyEleanor Acheson McCulloch 1898-1903MANorfolk CoWellesley College
LatinCaroline Louise 1889-1890MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMaude 1886-1896MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Charlotte Hart 1891-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
Angelique Georgette 1910MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
SpanishFrederic Carleton 1900MANorfolk CoWellesley College
DrawingEva Lena 1882-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GermanFlorence Emily 1905MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Miriam 1902-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Julia Anna 1904-1905MANorfolk CoWellesley College
BotanyMargaret 1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Rose Sylphina 1899-1902MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
Lucile Eaton 1882-1894MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoEllil 1882-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsSophia B. 1876-1882MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceEmma S. 1897-1902MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceEmma Susan 1888-1897MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Estella May Fearon 1907-1913MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Marian Elizabeth 1919MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoEmily Josephine 1882-1899MANorfolk CoWellesley College
EthicsEstelle May 1884-1891MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryFlorence 1899-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ZoologyThomas A., Jr 1902MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mabel I. 1909MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
ArtKatharine Payne 1897MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mabel Ryland 1901MANorfolk CoWellesley Hills
EnglishAmy 1907MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryKatherine R. 1886-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
InstructorEliza Hall 1900-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GermanAnna 1882-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mary Jean 1919MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoLouise C. 1884-1886MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Elizabeth Dwight 1906-1911MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
GermanMargaret 1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Botany, AssistantEmily Pauline 1908-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
English LiteratureLaura 1905MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ArtElla B. 1916MANorfolk CoWellesley College
EnglishAlice Hanson 1897-1900MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryMarian 1882-1892MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryMarion 1882-1892MANorfolk CoWellesley
GreekMary Olive 1878-1879MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PhysicsLouise Sherwood 1909-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ViolinCarl 1881-1882MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryMarion 1882-1885MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoHenrietta 1880-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ArtEdith Harriet 1903-1904MANorfolk CoWellesley College
RhetoricElizabeth 1879-1880MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceSusan Isabelle 1881-1882MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceFrank Eugene 1881-1895MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Leonard Fisk 1861-1862MANorfolk CoWellesley
VoiceClara E. 1884-1887MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Marie 1908-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
FrenchJennie 1875-1877MANorfolk CoWellesley College
History, ArchitectureEliza Jacobus 1906MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Paul Sumner 1915MANorfolk CoWellesley Hills
GeologySarah Y. De 1893MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GreekLouise J. McCoy 1880-1886MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoMary Eliza 1887-1893MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Edna May 1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ChemistryEmma Harriet 1895-1897MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Gymnastics, MathematicsIda F. 1875-1876MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Margaret Terrell 1919MANorfolk CoWellesley
Leander Van Ness 1902MANorfolk CoWellesley Hills
PianoHelen S. 1881-1882MANorfolk CoWellesley College
English LiteratureMarion Laura 1881-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Ellen Fitz 1886MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GymnasticsN. M. 1881-1882MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Philosophy, InstructorEthel Dench 1900-1908MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoGertrude E. 1876-1877MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GermanFrida Marie 1907-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Mary Isabella 1904-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
Florence A. 1908-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
George Francis 1867-1869MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
ArtPaul J. 1916MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PaintingCharles W. 1883-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Physics, AssistantMargaret Elizabeth 1908-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley
English LiteratureVida Dutton 1888MANorfolk CoWellesley
FrenchRosalie 1883-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Marion Evarts 1881-1886MANorfolk CoWellesley
ViolinMarietta Ruth 1881-1896MANorfolk CoWellesley College
GreekCaroline Graham 1886-1889MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Ruth Ardelle 1914MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
Jennie Sweetser 1885-1886MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
Helen 1901-1907MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsElizabeth 1910-1911MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PianoMary Adaline 1889-1899MANorfolk CoWellesley College
ArtBertha K. 1916MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsLouise Emma 1906-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Nellie Florence 1896MANorfolk CoWellesley Hills
Margaret 1909-1910MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Edith Souther 1885-1898MANorfolk CoWellesley, Dana Hall
GreekEdith Souther 1893-1894MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceMary Elizabeth 1880-1881MANorfolk CoWellesley College
FrenchCaroline 1876-1877MANorfolk CoWellesley College
FrenchPauline A. 1880-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Alice Vinton 1896MANorfolk CoWellesley
Angie Villette 1879-1880MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Ethel Hunt 1908-1909MANorfolk CoWellesley, High School
PaintingLeah Nichols 1877-1883MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MusicHetty Shepard 1903-1904MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Gwendolen Ross 1908MANorfolk CoWellesley
Eleanor Densmore 1913MANorfolk CoWellesley College
VoiceL. M. F. 1887-1888MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PsychologySarah Jones 1909-1912MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsEuphemia Richardson 1909MANorfolk CoWellesley College
SpanishLucretia 1883-1884MANorfolk CoWellesley College
MathematicsMabel Minerva 1904-1906MANorfolk CoWellesley College
Updated: 26 Apr 2020

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